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Citroen C5 Tourer Test drive: “Shed“ in French

As it is known, in Russia love sedans. Therefore cars with a body « the versatile person » received in the people not quite respectful nickname « a shed ». That represents « a shed » in French » - new Citroen C5 Tourer?

On test drive has been specially chosen most « weak » in press park of the Russian representation of Citroen the car – with the two-litre engine power of 143 h.p. had meaningly been chose also a mechanic gear box. All the same Tourer – the car for long journeys. And on a line « hand-operated » the check point nevertheless has advantage before automatic as ensures the best dynamics. And the fuel rate thus is less.

« the Shed » with all conveniences

Citroen C5 appeared is simply stuffed by every possible options. And many of them meet far not by all machines of higher price class.

for example, very pleasant there was an option « the Meeting ». For lack of the driver its seat is removed back that facilitates landing. At ignition switch - on a seat « creeps » forward, occupying the position set at resetting. Upon termination of a trip (about it system « learns » on the blanked off engine and opening of a drivers door) the seat heads out again back, and it is possible to get out of it, not stukajas knees about a control surface.

it is necessary to get out of a seat, as it has the advanced lateral support – not a superfluous detail for fans of dynamical driving. A considerable quantity of resettings of sitting and a back in a combination to a steering wheel transferred in two planes allows to choose an optimum position to the driver of any constitution. Lets add to it a seat preheating (three levels of intensity) and built in « a masseur » - also we receive optimum « a chair » for trips on long-distance distances, including in the conditions of Russian winter.

if to continue conversation on winter (though it did not set in yet) two-zoned climate control works very accurately and warms up interior quickly. The separate mode of a ventilation of a windshield in general appeared excellent. Picking up the machine from parking in the morning, I used it – and glass misting disappeared literally within three-four seconds.

the opening system/ rear door closing pleased also. It is possible not only to open it by means of the separate button on brelke the distant lock. It is covered by means of the button in a door butt – and after all and by more expensive machines it is necessary to do it, pulling for a belt hinge strain.

with the rotary xenon head lamps ensuring edge lighting, I « Got acquainted casually ». Leaving early in the morning from densely forced parking I wrenched a control surface – and the head lamp there and then with availability illuminated a zone to the left of the machine, for what I told to it « thanks » it is really convenient. Besides turning movement of a control surface, a head lamp react and to actuation of a signal of turning movement.

an electrical parking brake first poverg me in easy bewilderment. The main question – how it to use at troganii from a place on rise? It appeared what to use it even easier, than traditional « a poker ». The Parking brake easily « it is overpowered » the engine, but has time delay which allows to transfer easy a leg from a brake pedal on a pedal of gas and without vanity to get under way from a place.

the instrument cluster is well read and, despite great volume of the injected information, does not look supercharged. The unique remark – The tachometre is good for transferring to the left where now there is a fuel level gauge index. Engine speed you monitor constantly (pamjatuja about favourite by engineers of Citroen « to a cut-off » engine speed – it is better not to reach it), and the right zone of a tachometre (high speed) is overlapped by a control surface rim. About « a critical remainder of fuel » the system notifies a sound signal, and on the multipurpose gauge (it is in centre of a scale of a speedometer) the data about that is injected, how much still it is possible to pass on gasoline available in a bowl. Therefore visibility of a scale of a fuel level gauge « it is not critical ».

Pleased windshield wiper blades which go « from centre ». As a result disappeared « a dead corner » on the right above, under which from time to time it is necessary to look, expecting light signal switching. The algorithm of activity of a washer is thought over also: He at first throws out a portion of a fluid on glass (injectors are very effective at the expense of wide « fans » streams), then does a pause, and the second portion moves simultaneously with a start of motion of brushes. As a result of a brush do not scrape on glass « nasuhuju » that well affects their condition. The test car to the running beginning passed about 5800 km, but any « scratch indexes » on a windshield by wiper activity it was not watched.

it is necessary to tell kind words and about the rain sensor. On other cars it was necessary to face that the windshield is already sloshed, and « the automatic control unit » still does not give a command on wiper actuation. Here brushes began motion one second prior to occurrence in a thought head that would be time and to clear glass.

however, zabryzgivaetsja Citroen C5 marvellously is not enough. For three days I passed on not bleshchushchim cleanliness to domestic roads about thousand eight hundred kilometres (including in the rain). And after that the car would not call special censures at employees of GAI even in share action « the Pure car ».

« Quietness » interior too does not call censures. Only on one site of road – reminding a washing board – « gave tongue » a cover of a bulk hold for the trifles, disposed to the left of a control surface. And that the easy clap a palm barred this disgrace.

an element of a corporate style of Citroen – a control surface with an immovable hub – any censures did not call. Yes, at turning movement of a control surface by times you touch a hub with the palm basis (unfamiliar sensation), but it is a habit question. As to reach of controls on a hub hardly someone in steep turn will execute adjustment of the receiver for other station or other similar actions. Unique exception – keys of a sound signal which can be necessary at any moment. However these small keys are duplicated by pressing « on a hub as a whole » so in general it is not clear, what for they are necessary.

to enumerate pleasant trifles, characteristic for Citroen C5, it is possible still for a long time. « Eclipsed » salonnoe a rear-view mirror, very adequate lateral mirrors (which, by the way, develop at blocking of doors with the help brelka), the thought over lighting system of interior (including illumination of the lower zone at disembarkation), automatic switching of head lamps from a high beam on near at occurrence of the counter car, accurately working « parktronik » with a good picture and with algorithm of an estimation of sufficiency of a place, the pressure monitoring system in tyres... In general, human engineering C5 is thought over by engineers soundly – that in general it is characteristic for Frenchmen.

a unique exception – Bunkering port of a gasoline tank. It is opened « manually » and plug is locked by a key which of open plug is not extracted. The instruction recommends to leave plug in a special bracket of a cover of a port – but in our country make the such can unless not quite mentally normal person. Therefore it is necessary to go to the operator of the gas station with plug of a gasoline tank smelling sweet as gasoline. For level, on which « it is stated » (and to which as a whole corresponds) Citroen C5, it is unpresentable. Here pertinent would be blocked (simultaneously with doors) a cover of a port and simple plug.

but it is a trifle, and as a whole a car saturation additional systems and workmanship of an interior leave pleasant impression.

we go, we go, we go...

From the description « conveniences » it is time to transfer to rideable qualities. First the car kazhets