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Opel Antara Test drive: the energetic bull-calfe

As it is known, in Russia only two troubles – fools and roads. Probably, the increase which has scheduled recently of quantity of jeeps and crossovers is linked to it at city streets. After all, as show the facts, « the big machines » allow to endure with the minimum losses a meeting both with the first, and with the second.

following this tendency, Opel company manufactured crossover Antara, on a plan of the producer called to rise on change to old woman Frontera. However external two cars have a little general. Lines of a body of Opel Antara reminds the strong bull-calfe, the such aggressive and brawny representative of the Spanish bullfight. Silvery accents on a massive bumper and lateral air intakes only strengthen a likeness. Both front, and rear bumpers, by the way, plastic that allows to avoid small troubles (read, scratches), so often happening with drivers of the fair sex.

However, excellent visibility of lateral mirrors Antara most likely relieves of necessity to use a plastic bumper for " parkings to a characteristic sound ". Together with audio-parktronikom, they allow not to notice impressive clearances of the machine practically. By the way, sonic parktronik, helping not « to grind in » in plug, but improbably annoying if you make the way between machines in a court yard, at desire it is possible to switch off somebody, pressing the button on the central console.

however if from small body damages the producer provided protection, about complexities with « covered mashinomestami » in Russia as a whole, and in Moscow in particular, obviously did not think. To the car which has got to me on test drive, yet there was no also a half a year, and the luggage door was marked already distinctly by a rust. (And climb in a head of memoirs on agonal advertising « a Moskvich » about a body with otsinkovkoj).

Anyway, the luggage compartment door opens to us rather impressive capabilities for stuff accommodation. Volume of luggage compartment Antara of 1024 litres, and piled in the ratio 2:1 seats and absence of the central connection strap behind on a floor, allow to place with ease in the machine 4 snowboards, equipment and, actually, snoubordistov. It is necessary to mark however that rear passengers already in the first half an hour of a trip started to complain of the inconvenience of the seats which have caused onemenie of all extremities.

and here front seats seemed to me very much even the convenient. Lateral support and extensive capabilities of electronic resetting of a seat allowed me to place with improbable comfort, and, thanks to a capability to change a steering wheel position, it was possible to decide and a problem « because of a control surface are expensive it is not visible ». The front passenger, by the way, should be content with a seat mechanical regulation.

Well and, certainly, it is necessary to mark such detail, as the hatch in roof Antara. To open it it is possible as completely, and on « to a window leaf principle ». And the hatch is arranged in such a manner that airflows do not rush into the machine at huge speed, and unostentatiously ensure run in interior of fresh air. At desire hatch glass can be closed the shutter, however I improbably liked to watch, as on glass lay down the last this year snowflakes.

the interior of the machine which have got to me is finished by a black skin. Thus door knobs, spokes of a steering wheel and deflectors are stressed by the silvery lines looking organically enough. And here disposed on perchatochnom a box and doors plastic inserts « under a tree » look, in my opinion, ridiculously and it is inappropriate against grey plastic surrounding them.

in remaining interior Antara in picking Cosmo Premium Plus differs rare asceticism. In front it did not appear neither coasters, nor an ash receiver, even places where it is possible to fix a water bottle more or less reliably. But is become already traditional for Opel jashchichek on the central console, and in combination and an arm-rest regulated on a length for the driver.

almost all useful space between sidenijami takes slot for phone. To use it to me, by the way, and it was not necessary, as phone with ease is bridged to machine by means of Blue-tooth. Thanks to this hi-tech detail, the place between seats remains only for the original knob for which the front passenger on bad road or at great speed, and the hand brake executed in the same style can be held. (Oh not to confuse!) .

But the metre panel directly teems with miscellaneous buttons and levers. Here control of a built-in radio tape recorder, and the air-conditioner, and even by lateral mirrors and parktronikom is disposed also. Such abundance suggests that it is calculated more likely on the passenger, rather than on the driver as to the last will be on the move uneasy to understand where exactly it is necessary to press.

however, for the driver it not a problem - control of all functions, behind an exception unless air-conditioner, is taken out on a steering wheel. Thus, the driver can, « without lifting off from production » to choose a necessary option of an on-board computer and even to answer phone call that is improbably actual in the light of corrections to traffic regulations. By the way, phone is connected to car system through Blue-tooth literally in three motions. After that the information on arriving calls appears on the on-board computer display, and for the answer it is enough to press one button. The voice of the calling will be audible through a car audiosystem, and words of the driver will be trapped by a built-in microphone. Thus quality of a sound, both entering, and emanating, at all does not lose in quality.

the problem arises only with the kit of the telephone number effected by the joystick – to make it, without distracting from road, in my opinion, it is impossible. Basically, the system grants access through an on-board computer to your telephone directory. However, not Russified electronics does not recognise Cyrillics, and from the vehicle of firm Sumsung and at all refused to read out any information.

thus, the on-board computer, besides standard options, allows to familiarise and with more interesting information, up to pressure in tyres. And here it will not be possible to receive the information on engine temperature. As to me explained in interior in case the temperature becomes critical, the on-board computer immediately reports about it. But the temperature in the machine is felt and without any gauges. The air-conditioner in Antara for a week of dialogue did not manage to be toned on temperature more or less acceptable for habitability neither me, nor the driver with the 20-year-old experience.

on the central console it is disposed, besides other, and the button of switching-off of System of yaw direction stability. Well, time a button is, means, it should be pressed without fail. As it was found out, with disconnected ESP the crossover seriously records by blurred pressing of a brake even on the direct road which has been slightly strewn lightly with snow.

by the way, brakes at the machine very smooth – that is, it is necessary to be ready to that for a fast stop « slightly to press down » pedalku will be insufficiently. And in remaining Antara with an automatic transmission and 230 « horsies » under a cowling it is not very disposed to sharp motions. The machine long and thoughtfully is accelerated, and if necessary to overrun someone, it is necessary to press an accelerator pedal into a floor that function KickDown was actuated. But switching « the automatic control unit » speeds at all it is not felt.

and here to get out from « ticklish » automatic transmission situations at all does not foil. The crossover automatically transferring to an all wheel drive on slippery road and at actuation of a winter mode, with ease, and almost without the appendix to horsepowers human, got out of a snowdrift where has been tired safely out in search of a beautiful background for photosession.

pleased also that speed in Antara practically is not felt. To me who have got used to small brisk machines, on 120 km/h it seemed that I go in any way more than 60 km/h. However, and on 170km/ch a little that changes – the machine remains steady. But fuel consumption starts to surprise unpleasantly already on 120 km/h, coming nearer to 17 litres on 100 km.

it is not better