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Lexus RX350 Test drive: Effective speedup

How the new crossover of Lexus should look? So that its display in a rear-view mirror generated only one desire: to be washed off after the journey somewhat quicker. And so that driving by RX the previous generation seemed transport of times of the Old testament, and catching sight of an innovation, the holder of archaism there and then called in interior: to book to itself the machine.

designers coped with both tasks, at the same time entering « three hundred fiftieth » in a lineup corporate style. It is pleasant? Certainly! First of all, the recognition, after all new Lexus RX350 is learnt even by those who yet in a course of the accomplished alternation of generations.

to loopin Lexus RX350 in a city pleasantly, but it is boring. A control surface maloinformativen, accelerator reactions – plavne there is no place. The Automatic transmission as to spite, chooses on a stage above, than that you want. And even if to tyre out the right pedal below a rug, speedup will be such that the passenger does not spill coffee drops, holding a cup on an outstretched arm.

And after all RX can be fast: the first « one hundred » from a place it easily types for eight seconds and terminates boost only at achievement the second. Being However, transferred between crossroads, of achievement of 200 km/h also you do not dream. It is necessary to leave on road more freely as Lexus revives: on high speed the 3.5-litre motor becomes priemistym and live; the gas pedal allows to slosh exactly so much fuel in cylinders, how much it is required for effective speedup.

the previous Lexus RX 350 was smoother. New became hardly to more exacting to quality of a road carpet. In many respects, because present generation RX is relieved of the pneumosuspension. More correctly, it is, but in Europe, and in Russia it do not offer. Speak, the sense in it is not present: on our roads of a tyre does not ensure that level of comfort for which has been conceived.

a landing gear new RX350 toned on a Nurnburgring. It became fashionable: One mention of the West German racetrack works as a unique word. It means, the producer « sharpened » Lexus under fast driving. Body roll were moderated, in spite of the fact that the suspension – now the spring. On equal asphalt RX it is transferred as if a boat on an air-cushion. But irregularities of a road carpet are reflected in comfort of passengers of the new car hardly more considerably, than the last version.

the brightest change in an interior of new Lexus – a front panel with the dissymetric central console. Grey plastic is gracefully docked on a ribband line, and in the right lower corner of the console the gear box selector in an American way is built in.

want to know, what technologies will be at other brands of years through five? Then simply glance in Lexus – all already there. Kreativnost developers of the car meets from the entrance door knob: It is necessary to approach to the machine (having a charm in a pocket) as the car will be lifted from a signalling and affably organises lateral mirrors.

it is banal? It already is in models of other premiums-brands? And how about the closing gear? To park on a signalling, it is necessary to knock on the sensor hidden on a recess in the door knobs. The engine is acquired (and silences) the button, and on a windshield speedometer indications are projected. Last solution already used in some models of BMW and Volvo but while only in Lexus RX there are adjusting knobs of brightness and a position of a footprint of satellite beam on a vertical.

control of multimedia system in RX 350 too not as at others. While contenders on shop elite vsedorozhnikov experiment spacers-regulators, in Lexus made the main controls an on-board computer similar not that on the mouse, not that on the joystick. Or on both at once.

the Right hand of the driver lays down on the device, under the form reminding the mouse; the thumb and a little finger appear on lateral keys Enter. Any of remaining pins can lay down on the mobile panel and swing it here and there as the joystick, operating, thus, the cursor on the screen. Very conveniently, but there are some deficiencies: for example, the joystick it is impossible to instal temperature in interior – only manually. Though the most part of people on which I consulted about it, said that it is absolutely unimportant; that I carp. Perhaps and so.

there Should be at it Lexuss lacks …