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We compare: Chevrolet Spark vs. Daewoo Matiz - SPARK the Brisk Period

As you, I hope, remember, in the last number we prepared with force and spirit and glanced in a mysterious female soul with its undercover desires. Also found in it BMW X5, Mercedes-Benz CLS, Porsche 911 and other automobile beau monde of high society - in general, all that we nichtozhe sumnjashesja attributed on mans short-sightedness to most razmuzhskim to translation aids.

accordingly, all those vehicles which we what for received for purely female machines, appeared to insulting unclaimed. Whether it is necessary to say, what small city avtomobilchiki did not call at girls of a rising tide of pleasure of potential possession, and the list going after foreign cars headed Daewoo Matiz?

Yes - it is necessary! Because the reality, as usual, is far from dreamland. And frequently we naidragotsennejshim to young ladies should sigh about the Iks-heel, standing in the overfilled coach of the underground in an environment same peshehodjashchih dreamers. If, of course, somebody generous and loving, but, probably, not too rich does not present in a gift at least tiny matizik. Or still that it is better - newly appeared Chevrolet Spark, for example. Yes, it as we found out, - antisex as ornamental shrubs instead of natural. But after all a freedom of movement above ambitions, whether not so?

However, what for to wait for a gift? It is possible also most to purchase, the blessing now these machines are one of the most jacking at the price of foreign cars. Matiz is more accessible, and Spark - novee. But whether so Spark novee how much Matiz is more accessible?

[v1] Chevrolet not only sounds vesomee, than Daewoo, but also looks where more attractively. But also Matiz it is good itself: to it still is where to grow old - unlike zemljachki aunts of the Nexia. Appearance of Matizika is faster laconic, rather than the simple. Friendly. But Spark nevertheless where the fresh. Intricate head lamps and difficult for the machine of such class of plastic bokovin do the machine very indicative! At the same time the general body layout refers to the ancestor who in a photo sat down next nearby, and at once it becomes clear: in spite of the fact that these avtomobilchikov do not have any identical kuzovnoj a detail, it, inherently, - the same machine. So it also is. The curious vital fact: design of both machines - brushes of artists of studio ItalDesign. The history of Matiza is more interesting: originally, in 1993, the machine has been presented as kontsept Fiat Lucciola, however fiatovtsam owing to the various reasons it was not necessary. But the nice project survived - it was taken out by Daewoo company, and in 1997 the car was again to the world in the form of a prototype d ` Arts. It is necessary to put only into production and to interchange a name on Matiz that soon and happened. As to Spark, that, considering taking place in 2000 fejslifting Matiza, we actually are lucky enough to watch Matiz the third generation. And, by the way, in the miscellaneous markets it is possible to meet and word combinations not too habitual to us - Chevrolet Matiz and Daewoo Spark.

As you can see, at them much in common. But those conceptual differences which, digging more deeply, it is possible naryt between these antisexes, plant machines on miscellaneous corners of the ring.

the most important is Sparkova security. In a hose Chevrolet have two trumps on three letters which Matizu it will not be possible to beat in any way: ABS and SRS. And the airbag for the driver at Spark enters even in a basic set. Second ajrbeg appears a bit later - with increase in the price of the machine.
and it of that costs.

Americans fine oshevroletili Daewoo from within: an interior here at all that by the Uzbek machine. All is better: both design, and quality, both materials, and a lining. All! Inexpensive, but pleasant to an eye the invoice of plastic arts and motley tkanka on seats and doors a plus a top quality of assembly of Spark send Matiz in a knock-down. And still here there is an obligatory furnish for all inexpensive foreign cars the metallized plastic and even something else more glamour - ventilating system air ducts, as at Alfa Romeo. Offset!

it is final, Daewoo too is quite good, however it seems too utilitarian after Chevy. And materials in Uzbek not inomarochnye - Soviet. Not strongly it is better, than on VAZ to ten. Only it is assembled more and more delicately. But also here assembly flaws are visible: weather strips discontentedly puff up, and on especially plastic details here and there sores burrs get out.

the unique doubt in interior design Spark calls the central arrangement of devices. It seems that is inconvenient. Demands a habit. But, speak, the habit comes. But not at once. And only not today - there is no time!

Today it would be desirable to go! Spark at us it appeared with a small three-cylinder motor a working volume hardly more a bottle sparkling - 0.8 litres. And here Matiz energovooruzhen is more impressive - here the present engine about four cylinders. The whole litre! The plus a heap dopoborudovanija which the most expensive picking Best means - and here small Daewoo fell out for limits of ten thousand dollars. However, we Spark, is for nothing that with nedolitrovym the motor, is even more expensive - but there is notorious ABS and cushions. And a capability for comparison of two engines.

[v2] Matiz - that still the ringleader! It is necessary to be accustomed to hooking (it here the strange: on the long pedal it is necessary literally working stroke centimetre, and all remaining is a course free) as the machine starts to burn down: Daewoo a grasshopper jumps off from a place and is live gathers way. The litre fine pulls from below, a kick pushing out the machine forward from the lowest revolutions. And if not to perceive yourself, such serious, at the wheel such playful krakozjaby as a laughing-stock very soon you start to feel that you the winner: by and large, in a city at this machine equal is not present. It jurkost with interest compensates loshadinosilnuju modesty. Probably, very large people feel in Matize the Cinderella who instead of the carriage put to it appeared in a pumpkin
But the probability of obtaining of pleasure from driving - is higher! In general if not to take passengers and not to actuate kondej, Matiz in a city naderet a luggage compartment to very many people.

as to Spark shortage of two hundred grammes and one cylinder appears it is very appreciable. A motor sound obviously nonstandard - rumbling, ignoble. But it is necessary to crank Spark as a track - and here already in its voice there is an unhealthy rage: it as if the porpoise suddenly takes in head to begin to roar. And to twist a champagne bottle it is necessary in an any way: confidently to get under way without good podgazovki in any way it will not be possible. By the way, and hooking at Chevy works at all how for Daewoo: the pedal too long-stroke and though also easy, but any wadded, and moment shvatyvanija without due drill at once and precisely to catch will not be received.

both cars very perfectly run on a straight line - marvellously directly. But the control surface without the reason is better not to finger - a centroid highly. And if from outside to watch, as machines are included in turn it becomes terrible: rubber on tonjusenkih castors breaks so that it seems, as if it is a little more - and they razbortirujutsja. Not for the nervous!

but the fear passes, and the pleasure - remains. And here machines should be returned dealers inversely. It is a pity - they class! Especially Spark. Yes, it is more expensive. But each dollar over the price of Matiza here is justified doubly. In a case with Spark it makes sense to overpay for options, and with Matizom - on the contrary: the machine in picking, close to base will be more pertinent. And then all rises on the places: one machine is received modern, and second - cheap.
anyway - both of them are quite accessible. And they are darlings to chrezvychajnosti! Pleasant in every respect.

- Chevrolet Spark vs. Daewoo Matiz: Statistics

Chevrolet Spark Car is granted by company the official dealer of General Motors.
Daewoo Matiz car is granted by company , official dealer UzDaewoo.
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