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Mercedes-Benz C180 Test drive: the advanced intelligency

Each time, sitting in Mercedes-Benz, you understand that these machines become for a certain circle of people. For those to whom style and prestige of the Stuttgart brand is important, for those who appreciates conservatism, but cannot live without « gifts » technical revolution of the XXI-st century.

Mercedes-Benz C180 CGI though does not concern to a representative class (in the sizes did not go out), but is indisputable alternative to it. To understand it, it is not enough to compare technical characteristics and the prices in a compact class of brands of a premium-segment. I heard tens exclamations that for 1 333 000 rbl. (from this sum the price list on model C-180 begins) it is possible to purchase and more, both navorochennej, and krashe, and all leaders, and even two! However to be in this dispute objective, it is not enough to dispose theoretical knowledge and value judgment, it is necessary to test in practice of each claimant for that for it paid such money. I admit, I and itself was sceptical to « Tse-shke ». To the test to me it was not clear, why the 1,8-litre, 156-strong compact sedan costs as a high-power crossover in mast head picking?

from first minutes at the wheel Mercedes-Benz C-180 CGI the answer and to deploy a number of answers began in consciousness more correctly as the used up roll, adducing all new and new arguments in advantage « sidereal » konkursanta.

But to begin, of course, costs from appearance. To give to junior models of line of seniors – it is traditional for designers not only Mercedes-Benz, but at « sidereal » it is received with especial charm. Distinguish from distance of metres 50 S-Class from -Class the grounded motorist can only. One of important pluses of the car from here follows: at the price of 1,3 million rbl., it looks on all 4 million In our (test) version status visual effect was even stronger, as the car has been equipped by sport package AMG. It includes a bumper and lining of thresholds in sports stylistics AMG, and also 17-inch light-alloy disks AMG and tyres of miscellaneous dimension: 225/45 – in front and 245/40 – behind. Besides, the sports suspension enters in a sport package with the road gleam moderated by 15 mm, the perforated brake disks and grips with an inscription « Mercedes-Benz » an exhaust system in sports execution. In a sports way the toned tradable characteristics of a car and a sports parametric steering supply to the driver orgazmicheskoe pleasure from driving. The car you feel, how continuation of the body, and it « a body » is capable to surprise … Manoeuvrability, a scanty radius of turn, stability and predictability even on road with expressed kolejnostju and at an aggressive manner of driving, despite lacking the active suspension. The motor of 1,8 l CGI BlueEFFICIENCY power of 156 h.p. Which, by the way, is considered the most economic in a rule, even in a combination to an automatic transmission ensures to the car worthy dynamics. I yet did not meet such combination. There are some copies from other motor-car manufacturers with similar characteristics, but motors there from 2,0 l, and boxs mechanic. By the way, thanks to underwheel to lobes of a hand-operated gear-shifting, our car too can brag of sharpness « mechanics » but, as practice, « showed; a hand-operated mode » means with boredom, than an increase to dynamic responses is faster. 5-step AKP perfectly copes with a fragmentary rhythm of city motion and in an automatic mode. Someone, maybe, minds to me and tells that Mercedes-Benz – the car not for childishness, but will not is right. Designers of the Stuttgart brand relieved modern models of image of the car for passengers, « scattering » driving sparks on all construction. Getting into the car even C180 CGI, you are loaded by playful mood, and you presume … Also it is even not a pity that the motor starts to eat litre on 2-3 more indicated by the producer 10,2 on « one hundred » on a city.

time we speak about a premium-segment, it is necessary to mention a trifle of which this segment and is plotted. Agree, the body, interior and wheels is at the majority of cars but as it is all is assembled, and than « it is stuffed » – the class depends on it! Here at once I will tell about lacks. The test copy has been deprived automatic system of addition of lateral mirrors and motorizirovannoj seat adjustment on longitudinal directing. On the one hand – these are insignificant trifles: the mirror can be bent also a palm, and the seat from the lever even slides faster, but as that not comme il faut for Mercedes-Benz not to complete a car with such trifles in « to base ». But to a remaining stuffing of claims is not present any. All is convenient and ergonomic. A traditional package of systems of yaw direction stability. Biksenonovyj autolight Intelligent Light System and autoyard keepers, parktronik and the navigation showing a way on the monitor automatically leaving the central console. Audio - a videosystem with a cd-changer on 20 disks and capability to read files MP3. ZHalko that there is no USB-port, but there is a connector PCMCIA, is not clear whom used in a car. Gloveboxes, pockets, coasters. In a luggage compartment the grids keeping freight and hooks for bags that the last did not lose contents on a floor, when at the driver playful mood. For hooks to founders of Mercedes-Benz C180 separate thanks! A trifle, but SUCH necessary! At last, a full-scale spare wheel. I will not be kept, and I will add still a pair dark, but subjective drops in honey from Mercedes-Benz. Insignificant trifles, but them you face daily: muffled buttons on a charm-key – each time it is necessary to search visually for the necessary button, and in the dark it is inconvenient; Nonstandard arrangement of the lever of actuation povorotnikov – it hardly more low, and on a usual place is a control lever cruise-control – at first it irritates, but then get used.

as a result I will return to the beginning and to effective status appearance of Mercedes-Benz C180. At motion, both in a city, and the reputation of the company manufacturing cars deserved by the Stuttgart brand which simple people &hellip like to operate not is appreciable by a country line on behaviour of ambient drivers; To the machine in a flow concern with watchfulness, yours faithfully. It is enough to seem only in the left rear-view mirror ahead of the going machine as its driver hurries to keep out of the way. Driving is received not nervous, intelligent, pleasant.

Mercedes-Benz C180 CGI BlueEFFICIENCY price « a Special series » with sport package AMG - 1 333 000 rbl. the Proposal starts on November, 1st.