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The maintenance price: THAT of class cars B (a part 2)

Each automobile owner knows about the car if not everything, perhaps, almost all. But, as practice very few people finds out cost of maintenance service of the bought car shows.

gaining the inexpensive machine, for example, a class « In » the motorist even does not think, on its servicing how much is expensive. The inexpensive car – inexpensive maintenance. But it not always so. To take at least Kia Spectra from the last article (“ the contents Price: THAT of class cars « In » (a part 1) »). For 60 000 km of running only on its maintenance 85 000 roubles leaves. Add here taxs, the insurance, gasoline, breakdown and at you the sum, sufficient for the contents of the machine of a class « will be received; D » or even « the Business class » (« E ») .

that automobile owners asked a question « is more often; how much is maintenance service of cars bought by me? » also the given cycle of articles is written. In reply to criticism of the previous articles of a cycle I hurry to report that all prices for maintenance undertake at official dealers. In turn, dealers are guided by prescriptions of representations of autoconcerns in Russia: cost normochasa, the price of details which arrive to them from general (All-Russia) warehouse of spare parts of the brand, competitive advantage. For obtaining of these prices the author rings round dealers of Moscow who hold the prices for maintenance as much as possible close to recommended by representations. In other regions it is more difficult: here can not be a competition, and the dealer, being the only thing on hundreds kilometres, can overestimate them. But … Not all motor-car manufacturers allow the dealers the such. The majority of autoconcerns monitor that the prices for maintenance were unified across all Russia – from Kaliningrad to Sakhalin. It is correct. Other motor-car manufacturers give to dealers miscellaneous liberties: or « the price from … » when besides obligatory for preserving of the warranty of activities (and us they interest only) the dealer can add activities from itself (manages about obligatory activities it is possible in brand representation), or the autoconcern itself offers two kinds of servicing: usual and for severe conditions. So does Dodge, and dealers choose the second kind (because THAT at it more often so also money the automobile owner as a result brings more). And Dodge in Russia maintains the corporate machines under the usual scheme, including its sufficient.

such delicacies of the chosen car should be known to each motorist. But it does not mean that we will dig so deeply in a theme. The main reason – In Russia is on sale more than 400 models of machines of miscellaneous brands and each model has at the average on 2-3 motors and on 2-3 boxs. All it influences cost THAT is more often. Other reason – for more detailed considering of cost THAT (activities entering in it, cost normochasa and other) is more logical to make one more cycle of articles. And more one important reason – you, expensive readers and your inquisitive mind which shakes easily out all information necessary for it from the dealer. I precisely know that some of you, the read two previous articles, walked up and down on maintenance of their interesting machines and can share this knowledge with all interested persons in a forum. But we transfer already to the table!

the second part of the table of cost of maintenance of machines of a class « In » did not present any surprises. Outsiders are not present, and the prices for THAT in most cases more or less correspond to prestigiousness of the brand and model. The most economic cars of a class « In » there were Fords Fiesta and Fusion, Citroen C3 and two Peugeots – 206 Sedan and 207.

Now we start finding-out of cost THAT of cars of not less popular class « With » or « the Golf-krassa » as it call is more often. Monitor publications and leave the withdrawals – edition Finamauto it is attentive and with pleasure them reads.