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That new in the market of winter tyres in a season 2011

Every autumn in the market of automobile tyres revival – someone changes already shabby « rubber » on new, and someone selects tyres to recently purchased car.

both that and another good, modern tyres are necessary, shipovannye or frictional which not only ensure reliable contact piece to road in winter conditions, but also well hold balancing, do not rustle also with the excessive weight do not increase appetite of the car. It is possible to stop the selection on already checked models of winter tyres, and it is possible to purchase an innovation which becomes taking into account last probes and so on. For those who prefers the second version and this article &ndash is created; the review of innovations of a winter season of 2010. So, than we are pleased with producers of tyres?


the Most interesting innovation of a season, in my opinion, is the tyre from Continental – ContiIceContact. In its perfection the producer who prepares completely believes also to change it series ContiWinterViking 1 and 2, and also Conti4x4IceContact, lifting the last from production. On a similar step the remaining bus companies do not go for various reasons and to reasons. Than are good Continental ContiIceContact?

They are developed specially for severe conditions, from special rubber which remains elastic even on a bitter cold. On ContiIceContact asymmetric drawing which always finds, for is used what to be linked. Inside of tyres « decorate » three-dimensional step flutes, « working » at start and braking action (cling a wheel in a plane parallel to motion). On tyre outer side – three-dimensional wave-shaped flutes which enter activity in turning movements. Thus flutes are closed and hold the car in turn at lateral loads. And thanks to flutes in tyre centre, coupling deck edges always remain opened for contact piece. Asymmetric drawing is good also that it is erased long and in regular intervals – any side does not do unnecessary activity.

but not only a tread pattern tyres Continental ContiIceContact, but also, naturally, tenons are interesting. Here did not do without new technologies. Inovatsionny and « diamond » tenons, and technology of their landing. Tenons are made of a firm alloy and have the special form – with as much as possible long coupling sides. Round a tenon are visible ledootvodnye flutes that the ice crumb did not pull out a tenon at passing of abrupt turning movements at speed and did not stick to it, reducing hooking with road.

« to put » in Continental ContiIceContact it is possible almost any car – from a city midget car, to a severe off-road car (69 type sizes).


At Brigestone too to eat than brag this autumn – spiked tyres Ice Cruiser 7000. It not cardinally new development, as at Continental, and modifed tyre Ice Cruiser 5000. « Rubber » has a directed tread pattern which became much more aggressive, and strengthened bokovinu that well influences roadability preserving (the tyre less « walks » in turning movements). The tenon form, seems did not change, but the apex of its circular flange became other – the crosslike. Oshipovka it is made in 16 rows – it is enough of it for stability, and it is very good for a noisiness. More precisely, rustles Brigestone Ice Cruiser 7000 less, than Ice Cruiser 5000 thanking, including, and to new tips of tenons.

at Brigestone Ice Cruiser 7000 are finished not only tenons and a tread pattern, but also a railroad train of a rubber mix. Now it became ustojchivee to depreciation, without softness loss on a frost. Not surprisingly, after all Brigestone Ice Cruiser 7000 were developed specially for sew severe Russia.

to instal Brigestone Ice Cruiser 7000 it is possible on any car, after all it is manufactured in 64 type sizes.

besides shipovannoj innovations Brigestone « rolled out » this year on the market and frictional innovations - Blizzak Revo GZ and Blizzak WS70.

Tire Blizzak Revo GZ has an asymmetric tread pattern which is calculated on removal of water from a contact piece stain. It is very actual for the cars going on megacities on pools of thawed snow with reactants. But also on ljudu Blizzak Revo GZ as the producer confirms, it is good. A message a secret not only in a tread pattern, but also in bokovine with the unique construction giving to the car good roadability. « to put » in Blizzak Revo GZ it is possible and legkovushku, and an off-road car – only 53 type sizes.

Tire Blizzak WS70 has a directed tread pattern, and a rubber railroad train – the increased rigidity for the best roadability and security of manoeuvres. That the tyre served longer, to it « cut » deeper drawing, than at competitors. Well it, or is bad – I not undertake to judge. I am am confused with the increased weight of this tyre. Because of a small rule of type sizes (35), Blizzak WS70 approaches not to all – heavy off-road cars and cars to a class « In » were out of work.


Goodyear started to sell very artful frictional tyre UltraGrip Ice + with a plied-up tread. The tyre galvanic-action protector has directed drawing. Two layers significantly expanded borders of temperature conditions of activity of the tyre. At once it is visible that UltraGrip Ice + it was developed for countries where the temperature can make improbable races, and the winter does not limit 15-20-градусными frosts. That is, for Russia. At UltraGrip Ice + it is not enough type sizes – only 23.


Michelin developed by a new season tyre Alpin A4. It frictional, with a directed tread pattern. It is not so much advantage of this tyre in coupling properties (it became for the European winter and for driving on asphalt), how much in profitability. A thrust - on the expanded life and on ease with the moderated resistance to rolling (for economy of gasoline or solar oil).


Yokohama opens a season innovation Ice Guard stud IG35 – a spiked tyre with a directed tread pattern. Here too the rubber railroad train &ndash was interchanged; the galvanic-action protector began to be deformed less at longitudinal and cross-section overloads, and tenons should sit more strongly. Tyre Ice Guard fad stud IG35 – The improved spreader from a contact piece stain reagentnoj porridges, snow and even waters


For a dessert – Nokian. There are many disputes on, whether costs Hakkapeliitta the money, or not. But now not about it, and about an innovation of the producer – shipovannoj Hakkapeliitta 7 SUV. From a tyre title it is visible that to holders of passenger automobiles it is not necessary to worry – tyre Hakkapeliitta 7 SUV is created for crossovers and off-road cars. It not a new development, and continuation of an innovation of last year passenger tyre Hakkapeliitta 7.

Hakkapeliitta 7 SUV has a directed tread pattern and all those properties by which tyres Hakkapeliitta 7 are allotted. A plus to it special type sizes and a capability to bear bolshy freight.