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Right-hand drive " beushki " cost a pretty penny the owners

To such conclusion analyzers came, studying supply and demand in the domestic market of cars with running where second-hand “pravorulki“ considerably yield in the price to the levorulnym to contemporaries. The exception of a rule is constituted only by one model which cost nonplused experts.

the right control surface reduces the price of a second-hand car to 35 %. So, in a segment of second-hand right-hand drive compact sets the right control surface moderates the price, for example, five years Nissan Micra by 11 % (with 324 to 288 thousand roubles). Selection Japanese Toyota Vitz of the same age instead of European Toyota Yaris spares already 15 % (299 against 352 thousand roubles), right-hand drive Suzuki Swift is cheaper levorulnogo analogue on 17 % (290 against 351,5 thousand roubles), and the most successful appears purchasing five years mikrovena Honda Fit instead of Honda Jazz – 312 thousand roubles instead of 385 thousand, that is economy of 19 %.

selection of a second-hand right-hand drive car of the most popular S-class in Russia will be even more expedient. Writes “Avtostat“, referring to probes of vertically integrated system Snartus. For example, at purchasing of Honda Civic 2004 of an issue year it is difficult to be kept to sparing almost 100 thousand roubles or 24 % from machine cost (303 thousand costs right-hand drive, 401 thousand – levorulnyj). And at selection of Subaru Impreza of the same year the temptation is even more – 35 % (332 thousand roubles against 514 thousand).

On this background the prices for 6-year-old Toyotas Corolla &ndash look a little unexpected; right-hand drive models of all on 4 % are cheaper levorulnyh (372 thousand roubles against 388 thousand).

As to a premium segment for example, at purchasing of right-hand drive Toyota Harrier 2004 of an issue year the buyer can spare 160 thousand roubles that constitutes 16 % from machine cost (817 thousand against 976 thousand roubles), truth, it appearing the host of more democratic, rather than brand Lexus. Though at purchasing of 7-year-old analogue of Infiniti G, that is Nissan Skyline, status “fall“ it is more justified – 27 % or 175 thousand roubles (480 thousand for right-hand drive Nissan and 655 thousand for levorulnyj Infiniti).

it is possible that the above-stated affected sales in the Russian Federation of machines with pravoustanovlennym a control surface during the current year. If in 2009 that every sixth second-hand foreign car (16,2 %) during the current year their share in the secondary market was significantly shrank (7,8 %) possessed.

Thus in Krasnoyarsk the share of proposals of right-hand drive cars decreased all on 0,7 %, but in Khabarovsk hardly did not reach half of volume from total number of sales - 44,1 %. In capital of Primorski Krai - Vladivostok - “pravorulki“ with running also actually hold the former positions. Their reduction appeared quite noncritical, having moderated by 10,8 % that testifies to their demand at buyers.