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Toyota cars were accelerated because of drivers

To such conclusion came not only a motor-car manufacturer, but also National management of security of traffic of the USA which reported that sudden speedup " Toyotas " happened, basically, that drivers confused gas to a brake.

the national management of security of traffic of the USA published preliminary results of investigation of the reasons of sudden speedup of cars of Toyota which have caused a withdrawal over 9 million of cars worldwide.

the analysis of records of flight recorders of 58 cars which have had accidents because of sudden speedup, showed that in 35 cases drivers at « braking action » at all did not touch a brake pedal, and pressed gas. In several cases the brake pedal has been pressed too late, or both pedals – gas and a brake – were squeezed out simultaneously. One emergency happened because of the pedal which have sticked on a rug of gas. Thus, specialists NHTSA did not discover any defects which could lead to spontaneous speedup in cars of Toyota.

earlier same conclusions were sounded by a motor-car manufacturer who made own investigation of cases of sudden speedup and found out that in many cases a cause of accident was the error of drivers which instead of a brake pressed gas. Thus, we remind, Toyota already paid to the government of the USA the penalty in 16,4 billion dollars for concealment of defects which for the present it is not revealed.