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Test drive VW Caddy Life: the interrupted flight

Unfortunately, on « to the reasons not dependent on edition » to conduct Volkswagen Caddy Life test drive in the scheduled volume it was not possible. But to receive some impressions I was in time.

the reason of the interrupted test on a line situated near Moscow arrived in a windshield from under a wheel of the passer – no, at all the auto truck, and « only » an off-road car. What to do – these are our roads. The rend was insignificant, but at loading of a body it began with not too pleasant cracking noise to grow. As experience by a part « to catch glass on a muzzle of the person » in a similar situation in my drivers practice already was, I decided not to risk. As a result test running constituted only hardly more than two hundred kilometres of that it is obviously not enough for a rigorous estimation.

However some nuances of behaviour Caddy Life it was possible to experience. About them also I will write.

at once I will make a reservation: I the admirer of the brand of Volkswagen (if is more exact, « golfist ») . Therefore, despite aspiration to objectivity, I can be biassed.

the first visual impression from Caddy Life was « hybrid ». About myself I christened it, as « hybrid Golf ’ and with Crafter ’ an ohm ». However, the car is not deprived certain charm, and from « schoolmates » on design of an exterior does not differ to the worst. Unless called bewilderment the glazed triangle in a foremost part of lateral glass. Visibility through it – a nil, from the point of view of design would be to make its black quite enough. So what for to spend money on additional « a piece » glasses and on its gluing in? Not clearly...

Inside all is habitual, on-folksvagenovski. For example, the seats having, despite city character of the car, quite decent lateral support. The control panel climate control supplied three frankly unfashionable, but possessing distinct logic of control, circular verniers was habitual also.

here only illumination of a metre panel since my last trips on cars VW changed. Whom as, and me failure of germans from « poisonous » illuminations pleased. Present white colour looks where more pleasantly.

I leave from parking with special carefulness – I yet do not feel clearances of the machine and radius of turns (the wheelbase here is increased). Obeying an intuition, I turn not on the left, to a dense city flow, and to the right, on rather silent small streets.

the first turning movement, let and « not sharp » calls instant feeling of a cognizance – it taki Volkswagen. I will not speak about sports cars and the heaped up cars of a segment « a premium ». But such sensation from driving will be not not given by any other of « Mass » brands. It seems to me that I could distinguish « folks » from other car on the unique passed turning movement even blindly.

Propetljav on side streets, and many taken pleasure in the forgotten sensations, I go home (on solid plugs). Next day – departure for a city.

still when I agreed about test drive, the proposal to take the machine with a diesel and from an automatic transmission did not call at me delight. I well enough know domestic solar oil and its unfriendly relation to gentle import diesel engines. Therefore also a diesel on « legkovushkah » I do not favour (off-road cars and auto trucks – another matter, there without them not to manage). As to « automatic control units » the driving experience forces the right hand practically by all machines from an automatic transmission involuntarily to twitch to a shift lever with internal words « Yes that you so dig! I will fast make it ». Unique, perhaps, an exception – the car with a variator as there nothing is switched.

however the trip on loaded, but nevertheless giving the chance speed manoeuvre (and frankly forcing to it) to the Moscow streets on Caddy Life with engine TDI and new automatic transmission DSG (six stages, double hooking) forced me to change representations. Not only that the engine, as well as it is necessary to a diesel, « tjagovit » and a box – it is fast. They still, judging by impressions, are perfectly agreed with each other.

even at a usual operational mode of automatic transmission Caddy Life (not the smallest on weight and not most streamline car) is rather dynamical. The sports mode already gives the chance to gambol slightly.

it is especially amusing that neighbours-drivers of similar behaviour from solid « family » the car obviously do not expect. Here a characteristic example.

I Stand on a light signal pending « green ». In the second number. In extreme right silently slips heaped up enough coupe (the brand will not call that nobody to offend). Thoughts of the driver are clear, as own: « Further behind a light signal the right number is taken under a parking, but I gazanu, will jump out from under a bow at it « a box » and all remaining thus I will arrange, and further already I will go ahead of a flow... ».

It is told – it is made, and at switching on « green » the neighbour presses on gas. Certainly, it is not similar on « pedal impression in a floor » but it starts rather and rather quickly. Here only with « I will jump out from under a bow » it is impossible to the neighbour. Already beginning transposition, it « pro forma » darts a glance in a rear-view mirror, and discovers that « a box » it appears, hangs at it on a tail. No, does not press (I do not like to risk needlessly – even on a minimum), but to be rebuilt already somehow is not too pleasant. Moved inversely in the number, the neighbour actuates the left signal of turning movement (for the first time he considered it obviously excessive), and I, hardly raising a leg from a gas pedal, I miss it in the second row – a parking zone already close.

this sketch took much less time, than perusal of its description, but pleasure to me supplied. So council to drivers: be not under a delusion with external bulkiness Caddy Life, this « the working burro » it is capable to arrange on road many « thoroughbred racers ».

the Second impression of this machine is linked to a problem zabryzgivanija (constant readers of test drives « Business Autoclub » know that since the certain moment we began to give particular attention to this parametre). And so, the sensation such that Caddy Life is not fouled. Absolutely.

It seems that the car has a hydrophobic coating from which the mud simply rolls down. On not Moscow streets different by cleanliness and lines situated near Moscow even a rear screen (traditionally weak as regards pollution the zone of cars of similar layout) remains pure enough for the review rather long. So wipers Caddy Life obviously are not supercharged by activity.

here, perhaps, and all. Only two impressions – but they are presented worthy.

yes, nearly did not forget – germans differently, than Frenchmen, do gasoline tank plug. At VW Caddy Life after unlocking of the lock of plug the key from it can be extracted (and to hang up plug on a cover of a bunkering access door). As in Russia very few people will be decided to leave a key at a port of a bowl of the primed car, there is a selection. Or you risk to leave from refuelling, without putting into place plug – Or it is forced to wander on gas station store, having control over this plug, « smelling sweet » gasoline (or solar oil). Selection for you as it was told in popular advertising...

At last – about « to the question price ». It should be made at least because Volkswagen cars usual more expensively « schoolmates ». Used in test drive VW Caddy Life in picking Maxi, with the engine 1,9 TDI (105 h.p., 250 Nanometers) and box DSG manages in 1007 thousand rbl. It approximately on one hundred thousand roubles more expensively, than at competitors. However to me, for example, clearly, for what such money is paid.

by the way, do not forget that Caddy Life formally is not « legkovushkoj » and the car for business. It is in management of the company of Volkswagen Commercial cars, which &l