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In Moscow icicles - " aggressors " fall on cars

To snowfalls and the plugs foiling easy to live capital motorists, one more misfortune - icicles which because of long-awaited warming began “self-supporting“ existence increased. Without waiting attention kommunalshchikov, they began to break from roofs, kalecha cars and threatening life of passers-by.

so, at 13:00 in capital centre in the street Maroseyka large icicles fell to sidewalk some, only by miracle without touching pedestrians.

approximately an hour later in the southeast of Moscow in Ugreshsky street from a roof of the house ¹2 some icicles fell. In the Moscow service of rescue updated that as a result of it cars “Gazelles“, Lexus and Hondas standing on a parking suffered.

simultaneously with it in the west of capital, in Molodogvardejsky street, 61 ice on Volkswagen Caddy car failed, putting it damages.

And in the north of Moscow inhabitants of one of houses stopped activities on a water purification of a roof from an icing, reports “Interfax“ referring to a source in law enforcement bodies. Incident happened in journey of Cherepanovyh, 52à. On a roof of an apartment house of three drunk workers cleaned snow, thus were constantly obscenely expressed, and in reply to remarks of tenants of the house started to be rude.

the charter from an event, local residents descended from a roof of one of workers and handed to its called militiamen.