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AvtoVAZ does not master second “foreign car“

By the end of 2011 the Volga car factory intends to begin extension of the new car on own platform, and « the Harmony » on platform B0 appears one year later.

« In our schedule extension of the new car on own platform by the end of 2011. In 2012 AvtoVAZ manufactures the car on platform Â0 under brand Lada. Within 2012-2013 we should start to effect cars under brands of Renault and Nissan on the same platform » - gives of a word the president of the company Igor Komarova Open Society press release « AUTOVAZ ».

the Volga car factory can mean By own platform only that on which it is nowadays manufactured « the Guelder-rose ». Class model « With » and there was in the form of not finished drawings and dummies, and all remaining « Frets » - even not yesterdays, and pozavcherashny day of automotive industry. It concerns and to « Priore » Which is modification of model 2110 projected still in the mid-eighties.

it is possible to mark that in Igor Komarovas statement there is a new. First, earlier the head of state corporation « Rostehnologii » (the shareholder of Open Society « AUTOVAZ ») Sergey Chemezov called earlier terms of extension « VAZ foreign cars » - the end of 2011 or 2012. It is available sdvizhka terms of the beginning of production for a year.

to understand a management of an alliance of Renault-Nissan easily. The Russian car market during the current year yet does not show even a hint on recovery. January appeared for dealers and producers rather sad – sales fell to 37 %. Thus it is not necessary to forget that as a point of reference there was a January, 2009, too not bleshchushchy good parametres of sales. Besides, the primary information shows that sales in February can appear not better, than January – and even is worse. It is clear that at such market to Frenchmen and Japanese to hurry there is no sense – it will be simply earthed money.

it is possible to consider as the second news of mentions only one model of AvtoVAZ on platform Â0. Earlier the councillor of directors of AvtoVAZ and the curator of Eurasia in the company of Renault Christian Estev said that new production in Tolyatti will manufacture five models on platform B0 two of which will be under a brand « the Harmony ». It seems that as a result decided: to AvtoVAZ God grant to manage at least one new machine, second can and wait.

if so, with the greatest probability « the Volga foreign car » there is five -/ a seven-seater versatile person who in Europe is on sale as Logan MCV (Multi Convivial Vehicle). About it it was told even at signing of the agreement on acquisition of Renault of shares of the Volga car factory.

such solution looks logical. Extension actually Logan ’ and (it is natural, the old version means) is unprofitable « psychologically » besides it will compete with « Prioroj ». Other versions of lineup Logan - a pickup, and also the hatch-back which has received own name Sandero, are not too well entered in AvtoVAZ program. And here versatile persons at volzhan actually are not present – model 2104 transmitted to Izhevsk, for the clear reasons is not manufactured.

Returning to « to PURELY VAZ car » it is necessary to mark that « the Guelder-rose » obviously did not justify assigned on it factory of hopes. Last months it was dipped in a rating of sales on the fourth place, missing forward Renault Logan.

AvtoVAZ already declared plans of creation budgetary « Guelder-roses ». In a temper even called the 200 thousand roubles price, but then thought again, and the price raised. Then was « reduced the price » the version which differed from base absence of a split rear seat and a new dome light of interior. Clearly, it is success in the market these innovations did not bring. Meanwhile, a production line « Guelder-roses » In Tolyatti the newest, and, according to Frenchmen, conforms to modern requirements. Clearly that it should be loaded other model which will be more popular, than the predecessor.

the president of AvtoVAZ Igor Komarov did not fail to remind that the factory by 2020 intends to increase three times volumes of output - to 1 million cars from which 70 % will constitute the machines manufactured under a brand « the Harmony ». However it only the citation from the strategy of development of the Russian car industry developed by Minpromtorgom which has a few chances of implementation into life.