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From the sky all is visible to them, do not break

In the control over order on lines attracted aircraft. That it is impossible to make out from a patrol car, is well visible from air, explained in regional traffic police.

" from air we determine the infringer of traffic, we transmit on a radiostation to land crews or we land near to a violation place " - Boris Churin, the chief of flight separation by helicopters of a Center of aircraft of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia speaks , write " to Lead-moskva ".

the helicopter Operating hours cost dearer 50 thousand roubles. Efficiency of patrol and security on roads of that stand, employees of regional car inspection speak. Besides often are used and bespilotniki with scoops. Cost cheaper, servicing almost do not demand. However they cannot change helicopters.

we remind that now there was an aviataxi which services all interested persons can use. A small trip without plugs of 2,5-3 thousand roubles. In Vnukovo-3 earned the first helicopter taxi. They execute overflies between the airports " Vnukovo " " Domodedovo " " the Sheremetyevo " and " Bykovo " and also trips to Nizhni Novgorod, Vladimir, Kaluga, Tver and Ivanovo. The flight mean speed constitutes 250 km/h, reports " ". Authorities of the capital refused idea of starting of a helicopter taxi in the capital.