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Nissan Note Test drive, Citroen C3 Picasso, Kia Soul: Slowly but surely

We search for arguments for benefit of a segment « shoes » by means of Note, C3 Picasso and Soul.

Mikroveny do not differ outstanding dynamics, but they are more capacious than segment hatchbacks In, is a bit cheaper than machines of a golf class both much more comfortable and attractive external, rather than « heels » and their passenger derivatives. Citroen C3 Picasso, Nissan Note and Kia Soul - three main arguments for benefit of this automobile segment. « Wheels » tried to find most powerful of them.

Citrołn C3 Picasso
French mikroven – freshest of ours « a selection ». The paint by which test —3 Picasso in the last number « is typed Literally had not time to dry; Wheels » as the car had to prove the competence in comparison with two other contenders. And one of which already found popularity, and second slowly, but confidently slides to it.

As well as other models of Citroen, C3 Picasso – the car stylish and bright. It is distinguished by bright colours of a body; a windshield visually seeming more widely at the expense of the thin coaming stays and additional side-members; original optics and « three-section » a cowling.
the interior seems to more spacious, than it is, in many respects because of the same wide area of a glass cover. However, four persons of not so high growth here take place with comfort. The driver necessarily values control surface resetting (yes what: trehspitsevogo, with thickenings in a zone of the successful fellow!) On altitude and depth – at competitors of it is not present.
Besides, —3 Picasso has convenient underwheel control consoles music and cruise-control. Sporen unless firm sitroenovsky the display with huge digits of the speedometer, taken out to the very top of the central console. She demands more time for refloating of indications, than the classical panel of devices – at least, before accustoming.

it is no wonder that « Citroen » maintains the reputation and continues business « the senior companions » and in questions of rideable comfort: at —3 Picasso there were the softest reactions, the minimum effort to a control surface and a magnificent noise isolation. Besides, « the Frenchman » possesses the smooth motion from three mikrovenov.
However, dynamic capabilities of 1.4-litre engines rather ogranichenny. And even our test car, with the 95-strong petrol motor with 5-step « mechanics » (Mast head in a rule), does not do « Citroen » the sportsman. It is a pity that with « the automatic control unit » —3 Picasso is not on sale: nebystro, so though with comfort …

Kia Soul
Soul – it neither is more nor less design break KIA. Though also made not without the aid of the European designers. Kia Soul was expediently differs from grey weight « colleagues » on shop, even when itself it is painted in grey, and « weight » brightly sparkles a blue and green metallic. And with the diesel engine and with an automatic transmission « Soul » looks even more attractive.

uncommon and elaborate « Soul » serves as fine addition to stylish « prikidu » young and active. Probably, angular and impudent Soul becomes instrument KIA on a rejuvenation of the client, whose middle age in Europe raises promptly.
interior « Soula » Can, and yields to appearance on impudence and originality, but does not become a problem at car selection. Especially pleases quantity (and spaciousness) ware compartments. It is a pity, quality of plastic hardly below quality of assembly. The luggage compartment suffered also: it strongly yields on volume to both contenders.

on irregular roads of Kia it is swung and rattles, and to control surface turning movement reacts with delay. Soul loses in comfort to the soft suspension of Citroen and power-intensive dampers of Nissan. But it is dynamically expedited and quite confidently slows down.
diesel « the Korean » it is not less dynamical, than its competitors, and in questions of fuel economy it is grounded where better. Certainly, it « the automatic control unit » not so it is fast and modern, as, let us assume, German transmissions, but it is, and it should please. Especially for the given class of the cars which drivers prefer not to distract on a gear-shifting

Nissan Note – most « skilled » and the sold compact set-ven in Russia is better remaining. The known and authoritative brand from country promotes sales, whose quality of assembly will associate still for a long time with century reliability. Let even cars effect not in rising sun Country, and in English Birmingham...

Design Note, from the cars presented in comparison, – not most striking. Probably, the age affects: elderly « to the Japanese » there is already nothing to surprise the young European and the Korean. And both outside, and inside. But interior spacious (high drivers – rejoice!) Here it is enough ware compartments, and behind front seats even there are hinging little tables.
however, the design never was strength of Nissan – unlike tradable characteristics. Note, and etoimozhno to speak without a doubt shade, – most « drajversky » from three examinees. « Nissan » showed the best dynamics and the most pleasant fineness of control. Badly only that « drives » the motor mainly « above » and driving in a fast rhythm is impossible without a roar of the increased revolutions.

tradable Note it is toned very fine: it seems that engineers could Nissan not only not do much harm drajverskomu to character mikrovena, but also not upset those who does not prepare to exceed speed. Suspensions perfectly manage mean irregularities, without supposing roll and without annoying accompanying sounds: as it does tradable Soul …
In Nissan Note most « quick » a seat – It would not profane also interior « a hot hatchback ». Upsets only that here the extremely inconvenient seat adjustments and a control surface (only on altitude).

we Do conclusions:
Each of cars – in own way, the compromise. At the same time, all cars have own, unique advantages. For example, Citroen C3 Picasso – most comfortable of triple; it goes more softly and more smoothly others. But it does not have automatic transmission, « rulitsja » it it is not especially interesting, and dynamics, in comparison with remaining, unimportant.

but « the automatic control unit » is at Soul. Besides, only « the Korean » the diesel engine has! Thus solar oil at all does not mean dynamic inferiority of the car, even on the contrary. Nontrivial design and not bad worked (as ergonomically, and stilisticheski) an interior – too clear advantages Soul.
Landing gear Note wonderfully dispelled a myth that a word combination « pleasure from driving » it is inapplicable to mikrovenam. Nissan appeared the most brisk and bright of test cars.

as a result we understood with advantages and minuses of each of mirrovenov, and now car selection under definite purposes and tasks any more does not constitute work.