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The vandals who have hung out on « to the Aurora » a piracy flag, have chained itself handcuffs to a match

Instead of the Andreevsky flag over « the Aurora » the piracy banner till now flutters. With a white skull on a black background and the crossed bones.   it was developed by a Trinity of hooligans. In almuces   and with strange political views.

- There one girl on a match and two guys, - marked eyewitnesses, - it Can participants art - groups « War »? On gender structure approach (read in a material " more in detail; Eyewitnesses: the Piracy flag on to the Aurora participants art - groups " have hung out; War ) .

It has appeared, what not « War ». On cruisers pravoohraniteli have detained five participants of two anarhistkih groupings with names « the National share » and Meal instead of bombs which have incurred responsibility for action carrying out.

- We cover group, - have explained arrested persons on a cruiser.

And the people who have sat down on a match, shouted any slogans, but them for a wind was not to disassemble. A Trinity whether anarchists, whether usual hooligans, still remain to sit on a match.

- They slezut only under condition of clearing of the companions from - under oppression of bourgeois dogs, - has extended the statement active workers « the National share ».  

What exactly it means, alas, children have not translated to Russian. As distinctly do not explain, for what purpose their co-workers have got on a mast « Auroras » and what for the piracy flag is hung out.


the Photo: http:// cherno - sliv. livejournal. com/


the Statement the National share : Considering a difficult political situation in the country and in the world, financial crisis, revelry of religious both social extremism and general pedophilia, < < National the Share > > and < < Meal instead of bombs > > Spend cruiser restoration < < Auroras > > as core domestic, nano the tool - poverty liquidations .