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The governor has promised to equip sports hall of Dnovsky school 1

past Friday governor of the region Andrey Turchak has visited with a working trip Dnovsky area.

Among other objects the head of region has called in in Dnovsky   average comprehensive school 1. The estimation of quality of the executed repair, survey of new furniture and the educational equipment, entered educational institution during the current year within the limits of educational projects, including party « became the visit purpose; UNIFORM Russia ».

Andrey Turchak has examined a gym, has visited a gym, has communicated to teachers of physical culture. Those have voiced the request - to help with acquisition of the sports equipment and stock. New basketball boards, horizontal bars, the Swedish wall are necessary. In an ideal – athletic field building in the street.

- we Will operate stage by stage. At first we equip a gym, then we will start athletic field creation, - the governor has promised.

Then the head of region has visited offices of music, mathematics, the literature. Has examined the new equipment and furniture, has communicated to teachers and pupils. Have shown to the Governor and equipped with new modern technics and furniture nutrition unit.

Excursion for the governor has spent principal Nadezhda Krehtunova. She has noticed that planting of trees became one of last actions for a territory accomplishment. With pride it has shown and video observation system: on building perimetre are established and 8 videocameras function.

the Decision on full reconstruction of a building where capital repairs were not about 60 years, the governor has accepted. Works have begun in June, 2009. On capital repairs it has been directed 23 million roubles from the regional budget, 3 million roubles - municipal means.


on September, 1st 457 children have come to school. Approximately 70 from them from nearby villages. For them there is a school boarding school, now in it live 11 persons.