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The house on the Cook lane goes to pieces

the Petersburgers living in the house 3 on Cook lane, sound alarm: from - for buildings of a new building about Stremjannaja, 15 on walls of their apartments impressive cracks creep away. « it is not equal, hour and will fail » tenants are afraid, are baptised and write « plaintive » letters while the builder continues to assure of the return, from fault for destructions otkreshchivajas.

tenants have noticed the First cracks in the end of September – now them « successfully » supplement warped a plinth, spoilt wall-paper and the blown up parquet.

- Cracks everywhere and they grow every day. On a ceiling, on walls. It is terrible. At us very old house, and I find breaks everywhere. One never knows, as all will fail, as if a house of cards — gives of a word of Petersburger Svetlana Pavlovoj   Piter. tv.

it is not better to have and to inhabitants of the next house on street Stremjannoj where cracks already steal up to cultural heritage elements.

- All entrance in cracks. I have noticed them in the beginning of September, but they become wider. At us an ancient stucco moulding which is considered a cultural heritage subject. But it all will be shortly destroyed. Recently there was a huge crack on an internal part of a building, — has told the owner of one of apartments.

According to tenants, they already wrote complaints to corresponding instances, however while the answer have not received – it is visible, building has been co-ordinated, and to accuse of destructions simply there is nobody.

  - We strengthen the base new piles, and work of building technics, of course, renders dynamic loading on a ground. It could call small fluctuations the base, and, as consequence, education niteobraznyh cracks. However to designs of buildings threatens nothing. People can be quiet, - the representative of the company - the builder Valery Bogdashov has assured.

Despite it inhabitants all - taki hold documents and important things is closer to an exit, and for calm write letters – last of them, as they said is addressed the governor.