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How the increase in excises will affect cost of cigarettes in Moldova?

- the authorities can raise excises on cigarettes in such a manner that it will not lead to their rise in price , - Minister of Finance Vyacheslav Negrutsa considers.

On Tuesday at session for a round table in Center Expert - Grup it has explained that it it is possible to reach, if manufacturers of cigarettes do not rise for them in the price.

  - In structure of pricing the excise share is very small, and the profit of market operators - local or foreign - is great enough not to admit rise in prices in the same parity, as excises. I believe that manufacturers can offer a part of incomes for an establishment for some time of comfort in the market , - Negrutsa has told.

the Minister has noticed that the project budgetary - a tax policy provides increase in 2012 of the fixed rate of the excise on cigarettes to 20 leev (10 leev in 2011), and advalornoj - to 24 % (18 % - in 2011). In 2013 increase of the fixed rate to 30 leev, and rates at cost - 30 %, and in 2014 - 40 leev and, accordingly, 36 % is expected.

  - all these increases are entered in negotiations with foreign partners, and connected with increase in excises at cigarettes and their reduction to 2025 in conformity with EU level - 77 euros for 1000 cigarettes, - the minister considers.

Earlier the minister declared that in the European Union countries the excise makes 50 - 60 % of structure of pricing, and in Moldova - nearby 7 - 8 %, depending on the stamp of cigarettes.

the Chief executive of the Center of resources Young and free Antonitsa the Lantern greeted intentions of the authorities to increase the rate of excises on cigarettes, having suggested to accelerate this process.

  - I Consider possible practical increase of excises for two years, instead of for three as provides the project. We have a lot of youth which starts to smoke at early age, and increase of excises, think, will keep them from it, - she has noted.

Negrutsa has minded, having told that at increase of excises it is necessary to consider and experience of the states of region.

  - We have conceived gradual increase in excises because on the one hand we do not want to lose powerful sector in the market which provides the most part of incomes of the budget. On the other hand, we do not wish, that from - for absence of money people have started to smoke tea or walnut leaves. Besides, we aspire to avoid by gradual increase of excises contraband and evasion from taxes, - Minister of Finance Vyacheslav Negrutsa has told.