Rus News Journal

The pirates who have grasped « the Aurora » the Ministries of Emergency Measures have surrendered to the authorities

At first - sheep have surrounded a grid from a mast on which the banner " fluttered; Restoration . Then psychologists have persuaded pirates to fasten the insurance. Informal conversation half an hour, and the first of aggressors, has got downwards. Behind it the second.  

- Ur! - he shouted leaving a mast.

In the bottom of it OMON FIGHTERS waited. Having broken hands to both pirates, them have deduced from a cruiser.

- Violence! - they shouted.

the Supporters who have gathered for landing stages scanned - freedom. Also in the OMONOVSKY car have planted girl Valentine, which slezla the first from a mast.  

- Freedom, freedom, - voices of supporters have calmed down.

the Piracy flag, by the way, while it is still lonely razveevaetsja over the Aurora .