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In Petersburg the nine-year schoolboy has apologised for suicide

In 40 - j lycee of Seaside area of fifth-grader Raphael Shkuntika have translated from the beginning of academic year. CHernjavenkogo the brisk little boy in collective have accepted on “ hurrah ”.

- Raphael and itself liked to joke, and on “ podkoly ” did not take offence, - children from &ldquo remember; 5 ”. - We it named “ funtikom ” and “ shpuntikom ”.

Razveselogo and the capable pupil were loved by the teachers, much was forgiven. Study, homeworks it came easily to the child could make on change. But “ the two ” happened, sufficed.

- Raphael changed often schools and wanted to be late longer at us, - speak in lycee. - from the beginning of academic year received unsatisfactory estimations, there was an adaptable period.   the boy worried.

Before schoolmates of Rafik fastened also to a kind did not submit. And houses as have specified “ In a consequence, it for “ the two ” abused and stood in the corner. Here and on Monday Shkuntiku have put neud on music, the teacher has written down in magazine a pencil. From lycee the nine-year boy as it seemed to schoolmates, has left in good mood.

- in the Afternoon it was called by friend Vladik and has asked: “ What you do? ” - children remember. - Raphael has responded: “ In a window I look ”. Like it waited for returning of mum. Conversation have finished.

And an hour later Vlad has remembered that has forgotten to learn the task on German language. Has dialled number, and phone is inaccessible. SHkuntika the grandmother home has resulted. There was on kitchen, a boy - in a children`s room. It has pulled out a leaf from a personal notebook, has written “ forgive ” and, according to preliminary data, has voluntary stepped from a window of the ninth floor. The addressee of an agonal note while is unknown.

- Motive of prospective suicide - low progress at school, - have specified in the main investigatory management SK across Petersburg. -   the remedial decision we will accept by results dosledstvennoj checks. To begin with we will interrogate teachers, schoolmates and parents.

Suicide bents for Raphael at school did not notice. The only thing that drew attention of schoolmates, - keen drawing at lessons of the dismembered corpses.

it is competent

« the Boy thought of suicide »

- Even the insignificant problem can lead to a children`s suicide, - Galina Rumjantseva considers suitsidolog. – From - for not strong mentalities children do not understand that die definitively. And from - for poor life experience the child starts to consider the conflict unsoluble. To it to commit suicide easier, than to wait for punishment. Unfortunately, parents do not impart value of life. It is necessary syzmalstva to impart love to elementary pleasures.

Judging by pictures with the dismembered bodies, the boy thought of a suicide. It had a thin nature, with painfull reaction to problems. In such drawings children express fear and pressing forward to self-damage. It was necessary to notice this propensity in time simply.


In September, 2005 the fourteen-year schoolboy has rushed under a train. In a jacket have found an agonal note in which the victim accused of mockeries of the class teacher.

In May, 2009 the fourteen-year schoolboy has jumped out of a room window on the fifth floor, having left a note « Forgive me, said lies with study, I am afraid ». The child hid bad progress from parents.

In June 2009 - go the fifteen-year teenager has rushed under an electric train. Some hours prior to suicide it has printed a poem « I ask me to forgive for all my sins, for all errors, for all bad that I have created. For all those revilings and crimes that for the damned life I have created. I leave in that world and I will not return any more. I there will be corrected, believe, after all there to me a way … ».