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During disorders in streets of Rome 135 persons

Under the specified data have suffered, during yesterday`s disorders in Rome various wounds and traumas have received 135 persons, basically it is law enforcement officers. On Saturday of mass-media sounded more modest figure: 70 victims.

we Will remind, on October, 15th in the Italian capital, as well as in 950 more cities of the world, there passed mass demonstration against economic policy of the authorities, greed and corruption of the richest people of 1 %. In Rome these performances have ended with collisions with police.

About 100 wounded men - politsejskiei carabinieres, 30 - demonstrators. It is known that at their two they in hands were worked by paper thunder flashes therefore to poor creatures have amputated on some fingers. Behind the help to physicians four girls and one minor also were converted.

As informs RIA News 12 demonstrators are arrested. Basically, it is young men 20 - 30 years which have arrived to capital from different Italian cities. Some of them already were late police for participation in anarchist groupings.