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Timoshenko cannot walk on a prison-yard from - for severe pains at walking

the Former prime minister - the minister of Ukraine Yulia Timoshenko sentenced by seven years of prison for excess of powers at signing gas contracts with Russia, on - former complains of deterioration of a state of health. Evgenie Karr`s her daughter tells that not so long ago Timoshenko has started to feel of a pain at walking.

Earlier it walked in a courtyard, but now it cannot move much as the pain " feels; - has informed Carrhae in telephone interview to edition The Guardian.

It has reminded that on a body of mother after a week after arrest have appeared bruises and grazes . Till now remains to unknown persons that it was. Meanwhile, despite all available problems, Timoshenko tries not to lose courage.

She looks well, tries, sets hair, does not want us to upset, show the state of mind - has told Carrhae.

Eks - the prime minister intends to continue the political strike and this struggle does its happy, has noted her daughter.

As to the come to the end litigation, according to Carrhae, it was revenge of the present Ukrainian authorities and the indicative certificate against opposition.

last Thursday concerning Timoshenko have brought new criminal case. This time - upon attempt at waste of means in especially large sizes. It concerns a debt in 405 million dollars which in the middle of 1990 - h were run into debt to the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation by the headed Timoshenko corporation Uniform power systems of Ukraine .