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In New York the court over Victor Butom

At the next session of district court of New York on business of Russian Victor Buta on Monday federal judge Shira Shejndlin proceeds will continue   poll of witnesses of charge.

as the First the officer of department on struggle against drugs William Brown who directly supervised over operation of arrest of Buta in Thailand will act. It already interrogated last week, on all questions of public prosecutors   and lawyers he, basically, responded « yes » « is not present » or « I do not remember ».

Charge has requested on poll of the witnesses and announcement of proofs before jurymen of 10 days.

the Office of Public Prosecutor of the USA has taken out Butu of charge on four points: arrangement to the purpose of murder of Americans; arrangement to the purpose of murder of the American officials; arrangement to the purpose of sale of rockets and terrorism support through cooperation with the organisation « Revolutionary armed forces of Colombia ». This Left-wing radical grouping is entered the USA in the list the terrorist organisations.

Under the charge version,   But was going to deliver to this   the organisations arms which then would be   it is directed   against supporting the government of Colombia of the American military men.

we Will remind, Victor But has been detained in Bangkok, where it   has arrived as the tourist, on March, 6th, 2008 on charge in illegal traffic in arms. Then the Russian more than two and a half years in the Thai prison expected the decision of local authorities on the extradition in States.

According to Americans, But delivered the weapon in the countries of the Central and Western Africa from the beginning 90 - h years.

Victor But rejects vigorously all charges. He has declared that all charges brought against it have under themselves political underlying reason.

on November, 16th, 2010 the authorities of Thailand have given out Buta to Washington, without having informed the Russian embassy in Bangkok. It has called negative reaction of Moscow which from the very beginning objected to an extradition of Buta in the USA.

the First   pre-judicial hearings on business of Buta have passed in January.

It is expected that during process will give evidences agents and informers DEA who were represented to Butu by commanders FARC interested in purchase of large party of arms and two cargo planes, and also the witnesses knowing the Russian at the time of its work in Africa. Besides, certificates   the prospective accomplice « will present; a weapon baron » - Andrew Smuljan who right after arrest has pled guilty and has gone on a cooperation with the investigation.

the charge party has records of conversations of Buta with Smuljanom and playing a role of insurgents FARC the agents involving it in arrangement. Public prosecutors too will announce these materials on court.

the Lawyer   Albert Dajan of the Russian asserts that But has been interested only in sale of planes, and the weapon transaction discussed only on purpose to interest and keep clients. Protection proves that the defendant   was engaged in aviatransportations, instead of traffic in arms.

It is expected that process   will last three - four weeks. Protection of the Russian brings in a hall of court two weighty folders with documents, charge rolls two carts, marks RIA Novosti news agency.