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Heating at Khabarovsk citizens is not present from - for impulses and debts

Under messages of city dispatching office ZHKZH, in the morning on October, 17th in Khabarovsk of heating is not present in five houses. On Sheronova, 110เ - an impulse on input, on Steppe, 19เ - on a heating main. DOSy นน 1, 2 have run into debt for a heat supply since last year, and in a lane Pleasant, 10   till now the contract with « is not concluded; Thermal networks ». Disconnects of cold water and the electric power in a city are not present.

In city apartment houses 36 lifts do not work.

On cleaning of roads of the regional centre 26 units of a special equipment of the enterprises of an accomplishment, this night &ndash yesterday worked; 7 units of technics.

This morning on routes there were 294 units of public transport: 57 trams, 37 trolley buses, 200 buses.