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The fire in Krasnoyarsk region has carried away lives of nine persons

In one of settlement apartment houses Bottom Pojma of Krasnoyarsk region the fire nine persons became which victims has flashed.   the majority of victims – children.


As   the representative regional GU has informed the Ministry of Emergency Measures Alexander Yakimov, in 00. 51 local time (20. 51 Moscow time) the message from the eyewitness that in settlement the apartment house to the address street Quay, 24 burns has arrived.

« At the moment of arrival of the first division of firemen the house has been completely captured by fire. The fire total area has made 180 square metres. At analysis of blockages remains of nine persons » are found out; - the representative of the regional Ministry of Emergency Measures has told.

Unfortunately, neighbours too have late seen fire and have called firemen, therefore it was not possible to rescue people.

In the burnt down house, according to rescuers,   there lived a family: the husband with the wife and five children. Two more victims have arrived to them on a visit. All peacefully slept, when the fire has flashed. Most likely, people have poisoned with carbonic oxide.  

Causes of the tragedy are established.