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Give thanks it is more, complain less

Everyone who gathered on October, 12th in a trip on suburban eletropoezde, it could be converted into a public reception, fill the questionnaire and voice everything that thinks of the railway. In Khabarovsk passengers have appeared are not so active, as for example, in Vladivostok, only 44 persons have shared the thoughts. Nevertheless, which - what conclusions can be made already.

That does not arrange?

In 3 questionnaires the question on inadequate work of help service, in 10 &ndash was brought up; about long idle time of electric trains at stations. It is not pleasant also that in trains smoke. Other references with complaints concern low 4 platforms at station Khabarovsk - 1, and it is difficult to older persons to rise in the car. Some persons consider inconvenient a viaduct and ask, when at last will open underground transition. At the same time have written in questionnaires and many words of gratitude. Passengers have noted positive changes of quality of journey in the suburban message. As to cost of tickets basically respondents marked its quite reasonable and corresponding to quality of journey.