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Hamis Kaddafi was lost in the end of August

the Son   the leader of Libyan Dzhamahirii Hamis Kaddafi really was lost in fights for the Libyan city of Tarhuna in the end of August.

This information earlier extended by representatives of the Minister of Defence of Transitive national board of Libya, the Syrian TV channel supporting Muamara Kaddafi has confirmed. According to TV channel, Hamis Kaddafi and its cousin Mohammed As Senusi were lost, « battling to enemies of the fatherland » on August, 29th.

we Will remind, in February, 2011 in   Libya - one of the largest world exporters of oil – civil war between storonkami and opponents of a mode of Muamara Kaddafi correcting has begun the country more than 40 years. Insurgents alternatively to the government of the dictator have generated Transitive national board of Libya.

In the end of August rebels with support of aircraft of the NATO managed to take capital camps   - Tripoli. After that the wave of recognitions PNS has begun the different countries of the world. By today Transitive national board recognised already an order of 60 countries, including Russia.

Right after   how insurgents have taken over the control of Tripoli,     leaders   Transitive advice declared that for a head of live or dead Muammara Kaddafi are ready to pay   1,7 million dollars.

Where there is now a colonel, till now remains a riddle. His family part - spouse Safija, daughter Aisha and sons Mohammed and Gannibal Kaddafi - ran to Algeria.

In June the International criminal court has given out the warrant on arrest of Kaddafi, his son of the Safe al - Islam and the head of reconnaissance service of the country Abdulla the expert - Senussi. In the beginning of September the Interpol has written out on their search « the red notification message » that is equivalent to entering of the former Libyan leaders into the list of the most searched persons, passes RIA Novosti news agency.