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In the Samara region of inhabitants of 75 % are dissatisfied with a road condition

In July the Research centre rekrutingovogo a portal superjob. ru has interviewed among 4800 motorists of Russia in all districts.   roads to our country – an eternal subject for sad jokes and jokes. And now happy with quality proezzhej parts it is insignificant – only 13 %. The greatest part of respondents considers that roads do not maintain any criticism.

Thus, according to people, in Samara roads almost the worst. So 75 % of inhabitants, at least, were voiced. 24 % of respondents are satisfied proezzhej by a part in a city, and only 1 % has noted its good status.

Inhabitants of Samara do not stint unflattering responses: « the Bad road condition. The majority of streets is in a deplorable state. When on them you go, heart blood has a shower bath for the car » « Roads to Samara not that unsatisfactory – they simply unusable. Only in the last couple of months have started something to do, but on it have stopped ».