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Rescuers of the Rostov region ask inhabitants not to leave on reservoirs which has held down ice

In connection with  destruction of the boy who has sunk in a pond, rescuers of the Rostov region are converted to inhabitants not to leave on reservoirs which has already held down ice, and also to watch children more attentively.

- with the advent of the first ice pall on the rivers, lakes and ponds it is impossible to use it for driving and transitions, - clear up in regional department under the prevention and liquidation CHS . - Young ice in the beginning thin, fragile and weights of the person does not maintain. Any abiding on it always conceals danger.

we will remind that on November, 10th in farm Curve Estuary, Martynovsky area   has failed under ice and the seven-year Novel has sunk. According to the chief Proletarian poiskovo - saving division   Alexey Kalmykova, the superficial pond after the first November frosts has held down a thin ice layer in the thickness no more than two centimetres. On such fragile ice   left to fish three local little boys. Children have departed from coast on 15 metres and have failed in water. Two friends have managed to get out independently, breaking before itself ice, and even to call to the aid parents of the seven-year Novel, but was already late - the boy has sunk.