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Motorists are afraid that Kuban will fill up with snow

Inhabitants of Krasnodar territory till now in shock from this autumn. Last year at this time was + 20 in the afternoon, many on these days off even went by the sea. But now - around zero. Practically in all areas snow has dropped out: which - where as in Krasnodar, at once thawed, and in northern and east areas snowdrifts till now lie.

From - for a bad weather in krajtsentre all the day long, and not just at o`clock - peak, there are huge stoppers. Therefore drivers worry: a leah zasypet our corner of the world « in flakes »?

- In our region small warming is expected, - have calmed us in Fund « Fobos ». - In Krasnodar within the next few days at night in area - 4 degrees, in the afternoon about +7, snow practically in all areas is expected only to 23 - on November, 24th. The same situation at the Black Sea coast with day indicators to +10 + 12, night - within zero.

At the Azov coast to +8, the bad weather is possible with 23 - go numbers. Will be colder in the east: in the daytime columns of thermometers will be « to walk » around zero, snow is possible, but small. Except Moscow Tovsky area - there wait for more notable deposits which hardly will stop till Tuesday.

- In connection with such weather conditions we expect growth of road accident from - for ice, - have told to us in GU the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia across Krasnodar territory. - From - for a fog delays of flights at the airports are probable.