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The inhabitant of Ulyanovsk has earned on swindles with the earth more than nine millions roubles

This history has begun even in the spring of this year. Then the Ulyanovsk policemen have received the information that 34 - the summer townswoman suggests to buy the land, receives money and … vanishes.

- the Scheme of its actions was simple: the swindler was represented by the worker of the Ulyanovsk mayoralty, through familiar found wishing to become the owner of the landed property and suggested to get for a certain sum of money a ground around factory « the Spark » - have explained in a press - service UMVD across the Ulyanovsk region. – thus for plausibility the woman even appointed meetings around city administration.

Thus   it managed to deceive 15 buyers. The sum which was gained by the speculator, exceeds 9 million roubles. Now on the given fact have filed criminal charges.


Those to whom something is known about activity of this person, or   who has suffered from its actions, we ask to be converted by phones: (8422 67 - 21 - 81; 67 - 34 - 31.