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In Kirov for participants of a youth forum the group " has acted; Ljube

there Has arrived group « Ljube » to Kirov with its full complement before a concert on Friday. And here left the same evening back to Moscow. Nikolay Rastorguev has pleased with the performance some hundreds young Kirov children, participants of a youth forum. The concert in the Philharmonic society, as a matter of fact, was closed, participants of a forum have got on it only, tickets for performance were not on sale.

- I am not assured that you were born when we sang these songs, - the soloist has smiled.

the Answer was: « Were born already and have grown on them ».

- And here your fellow countryman, our guitarist Paul Usanov, told, how tried to get   on our concert in Kirov when still was the teenager, - Nikolay Rastorguev has told.   - and at that time also did not dream that itself it will appear on this scene as a part of group.

Paul really in Kirov know and love. During a concert spectators some times shouted: « the Pasha! The pasha! » on salutatory shouts the guitarist smiled, nodded and executed some chords in the answer. The hall from favourite, already become national songs blew up an applause. And here on last chords has risen and saw off favourite group a thunder of an applause and shouts « gallant ».