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Today in Mandative chamber present the Pskov Judgement reading and writing

Today at midday to Mandative chamber of the Kremlin the presentation of the new edition of the Pskov Judgement reading and writing will take place. * the new edition is carried out within the limits of preparation for commemorating 1150 - letija origin of the Russian statehood.

As have informed in a press - area service, the edition includes a monument, transfer into modern Russian, the comment. The author of research   professor Sankt - the Petersburg university, the doctor of historical sciences Yury Alekseev which feather posesses the monography « is; the Pskov Judgement reading and writing » where the text of this unique monument and its value in the history of Russian right is studied.

the Pskov state memorial estate with support of administration of the region and the Russian national library which has given the manuscript became the Initiator of the edition.

the INQUIRY « » *

the Pskov Judgement reading and writing – a unique monument of the right of medieval Russia.

For the first time it has been published in 1847 in Odessa under the list stored in library of the governor of Novorossisk edge column M.S.Vorontsova.

it is the legal document of Ancient Russia second for the value after Yaroslav the Wise Russian Truth.

the Pskov Judgement reading and writing is the major monument of the right at studying grazhdansko - legal relations of Pskov. It reflects challenges of development of feudal relations and formation of the uniform Russian state.