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Kubantsy began to pay more for ZHKU

In many areas of edge heating have given in October, one of these days to warm steel apartments in Sochi and other cities at coast. Together with it payments of inhabitants of edge for a communal flat have considerably grown also, after all heating makes almost 70 percent of all expenses on ZHKU.

One of these days regional deputies have become interested in this subject: in the Hot Key has passed exit session ZSK concerning validity of tariffs. In particular, they have mentioned a subject of the commissions which is raised at calculations for the civilisation blessings in banks.

- Both tariffs, and payment of value added services of budgetary establishments should be proved and not to call irritation. Giving of resources needs to be carried out smoothly and in full that people knew, for what pay, and have been satisfied by quality of rendered services. Thus it is important to consider and requirement of the enterprises which provide us with water, energy, gas and heat, - the chairman of committee ZSK on economic policy Nikolay Kravchenko has reminded. - it is necessary to aspire to using money resources arriving from subscribers as much as possible effectively.

At session zakonotvortsy have declared that the further growth of tariffs to all of us equally not to avoid. Though this event have shifted on a floor - year, since June of the quotation all the same will change.

However, unresolved there is a problem of larceny of the resources, as a result one should pay that others have simply stolen.

- At the same time each of us should occupy a civic stand and not pass by the same leaking in a network, understanding that when in a ravine from the pipeline water flows, it murmur, following in anywhere, ours with you money, - deputies have declared.