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In Volgograd more than 50 thousand persons have bowed to the Belt of the Deipara

More than 50 thousand persons could touch the Belt of the Deipara in Volgograd. Except townsmen to bow to a relic there have arrived the big groups of believers of all areas of area, and also of the next regions - Astrakhan, Saratov. As have told policemen on duty near a temple, the stream of people in a temple did not stop all night long.

- the Crowd has resolved only about two o`clock in the morning, - tell strudniki polices. - then hours till nine mornings of Sunday to pass in a temple it was possible almost freely. In the morning the people were again pulled in a cathedral, but all the same the crush any more was not. Has done without accidents. In fast were converted some persons to whom it became bad with heart in crowd.

In Vvoskresene oered in the Kazan Cathedral was much less, than on Saturday.
a photo: Ekaterina SIMOHINA

In midday of Sunday the Belt of the Deipara has left the Kazan Cathedral. The special train delivered the Ark with a relic in the airport. In 13. 00 board will go from our city to Rostov.