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On preparation for winter in the Novosibirsk region has left more 3 billion roubles

the Minister of building and housing and communal services Denis Vershinin has told to deputies of Legislative Assembly NSO about work results on preparation for a cold season 2011 - 2012 By data a press - services of the governor and government NSO, the plan - the schedule of works confirmed in May of this year, is executed on 100 %.

- in separate directions it was possible to make more than it was planned, - Denis Vershinin, the minister of building and housing and communal services has informed. - it is as a result made ready for the winter 103,6 thousand units of apartment houses by a total area bole 56 million in sq. m; 1396 boiler-houses, an order of 4 thousand in km of thermal networks, about 10 thousand in km of water supply systems, 2372 km of sewer networks. 247 coppers and 119 km of thermal networks are replaced and capitally repaired. In all municipal unions dispatching services, emergency brigades are completed, they work in interaction from the Ministry of Emergency Measures.

As to financing, as of November, 8th of an investment of means   have made 3,46 billion roubles – these are 103 % from the plan. On the present the coal rests at the housing and communal services enterprises make 256 thousand tons – it is calculated on the average on 64 - daily consumption. Also in enough the rests on liquid fuel – it is 6,6 thousand tons. Besides, the new regional reserve of coal in number of 22 thousand tons is formed. This fuel is already put on territory of the Novosibirsk region.