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In Egypt suspects on the case of gas pipeline explosions on Sinai

Police of Egypt are detained and military men on Sunday during joint operation have detained in a city the Ale - Arish of the leader of large Islamic grouping in the north of the Sinai Peninsula At - Takfir val - Hidzhra . Members of bandit education suspect of participation in gas pipeline explosions on Sinai, and also in an attack on a local police station.

the leader of Islamites Mohammed Id Maslah Hamad and more 15 persons On Sunday morning has been detained. Their participation in criminal activity is now checked, informs RIA « News ».

we Will remind, on November, 10th on the main branch in 30 kilometres from a city the Ale - Arish in the north of the Sinai Peninsula of Egypt the group of insurgents has undermined an explosive. As a result of explosion the export gas pipeline on which fuel was delivered to Israel and Jordan has been hurt.

It is necessary to notice that since February, 2011 it already the seventh explosion on the Sinai gas pipeline. Earlier, according to the authorities, it was undermined by extremist groupings in which there were members « Al - Kaidy ».