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Among victims on a fire in Komi - the inhabitant of Ukraine, two - from Stavropol Territory, one - from Krasnodar and three inhabitants of republic

the Fire in Mikuni, happened on the night of Sunday indoors where there lived workers - vahtoviki, seven person has carried away lives. The message on state of emergency in « rescue Service - 01 » Ust - Vymsky area has entered 00. 15 minutes, fire profits operatively, in 4 minutes – in 00. 19. With open fire the frame one-storeyed building of the floor waiter of the type, divided on household burnt, building and premises on the area of 750 sq. m.

It is the carriages made in two ranks, being under one roof. Workers - vahtoviki and other regions of the country built of Komi in Mikuni compressor station. As informs a press - service GU of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of the Russian Federation across Komi, among victims on a fire – the inhabitant of Ukraine, two stavropolchan, one vahtovik from Krasnodar territory and three inhabitants of republic.

Under the specified data, during fire extinguishing bodies of six victims (most likely, they have choked with poisonous evaporations) are found, 3 persons have been sent in hospital where one worker has died - together with a poisoning it has got strong burns. In hospital Mikuni now there are 2 persons, nothing threatens their life. A status of victims the satisfactory.

All victims and victims - workers of civil engineering firm which is engaged in reconstruction of compressor station in the city of Mikun. In 7. 10 fire is localised, in 11. 27 – the fire is completely liquidated. On a fire place operative group GU of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia on Republic Komi, and also operatively - an investigation team works, on a place there is a republic Komi and municipality management.

the Detail information can be received by phones « a hot line »:

In Syktyvkar – 8(8212) 28 - 74 - 43, 28 - 74 - 42

In Ust - Vymsky area – 8(82134) 2 - 01 - 24