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Igor Rasterjaev who has glorified the Volgograd combine operators, has written down a new song

the Author of songs original and close to the people Igor Rasterjaev continues to submit the Internet. On YouTube there was a clip on a new song « the Bell ringer ». The author of music and words, as always, Igor, removed its best   the friend and the immutable director of its clips Alexey Ljahov.

By the way, in « the Bell-ringer » the Volgograd singer has acted for the first time in a duet. Together with it Elena Gvritishvili, talented pupil Sankt - the Petersburg children`s music school of a name of Gavrilin has sung.

Touching   a song of Rasterjaeva,   executed under a favourite accordion the Seagull   again - taki became the Internet hit, for incomplete month at a clip already have looked more hundred thousand users.

the song Text the BELL RINGER  

It is a pity, we do not choose an epoch,  

Where we are born, we grieve and we live.  

To me to be born in the days of yore -  

there would be I the excellent bell-ringer.  

I before each bell fight  

Spirit gathered, as at an altar.  

Voskresi good, pogasi bad,  

the Friend my, copper bell, in heart at me.  

the Friend my, copper bell, is not present to me rest,  

On the Earth so much alone to live.  

To us to play to manage something such,  

That our ring of all to unite.  

That could stand in a boundless Russian field  

the Campanile, as a beacon,  

That human souls cried and sang,  

The same as I sings!  

the Bell, and here to us to the sky to phone!  

Here all installed with a ring to warm.  

Perhaps, for it something will say goodbye,  

Perhaps angels will want to echo?