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On mountain-skiing base in the Novosibirsk region the person

About accident in the Novosibirsk region has to death broken it became known only today though has occurred   it on Saturday, on March, 6th. On mountain-skiing base Mountain that in Toguchinsky area, the man was lost.

- Going down downwards on to a cheese cake (a round inflatable sledge - a bus comment) It ran into a tree a head, - have told to correspondents in a press - service of Municipal Department of Internal Affairs NSO. - Blow was so strong that the man has received heavy cranial - a brain trauma, incompatible with life. The victim has died on the way to hospital.

Behind comments we were converted to the managing director of base Sergey Fedorovichu.

- Yes, really heard that has occurred, but anything about it I can not tell, - Sergey cut off.

About toguchinskoj to base not the most pleasant conversations - a pier, there for a long time already go both a line dangerous, and trees too close stand... Now on a scene check is spent.

we Will remind that in the beginning of year in other mountain-skiing complex, JUrmanke at a fire two persons then the Office of Public Prosecutor has decided to check up all bases of the Novosibirsk region were lost. As it was found out later, knowingly.

- checks   8 mountain-skiing bases located in territory of area, rough infringements   are revealed; requirements   industrial and fire security, - it is told in the message of regional Office of Public Prosecutor. - without carrying out of technical survey and   permissions Western - Siberian Upravlenija Rostehnadzora in territory   mountain-skiing bases were maintained   rope-ways,   and buildings   and constructions were used without the permission on input of objects in operation.  

watches succession of events.

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