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At Belarus - the new minister and new head DFR

the Head of the state has appointed:

Veremko Grigory Ivanovicha - the director of department of financial investigations, the vice-president of Committee of the state control of Byelorussia. -

Ameljanovicha of Michael Mihajlovicha - the minister of a forestry.

the president also has agreed to purpose:

Mojsejchika Anatoly Nikolaevicha - the deputy minister of the industry;

Novikova Sergey Viktorovicha - the deputy chief of the State inspection of protection of an animal and flora at the President of Byelorussia;

Tsapoty Victor Vladimirovicha - the chairman of Tolochinsky district executive committee;

Knyshev Vadim Aleksandrovicha - the editor-in-chief of establishment newspaper Edition the nasta?nitskaja newspaper ;

Laptsevicha Alexander Anatolevicha - the chief of establishment of education The Minsk state higher aviation college ;

Busko Igor Evgenevicha - a member of the Brest regional executive committee;

Vladimir Viktorovicha`s Kalatch - a member of the Minsk regional executive committee, a member of the Minsk Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People`s Deputies;

Petruni Alexander Mihajlovicha - the head organizational - analytical department of Secretary of Integration committee of the Euroasian economic community.