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Teenagers are denounced that have enclosed under a train of the citizen of Uzbekistan

In capital accusation of four minors in murder of the citizen of Uzbekistan is brought. Three 16 - summer and one 17 - summer inhabitants of Voskresensky area of Moscow suburbs are accused of the commission of crime, provided by article the murder made on preliminary arrangement by a group of persons .

Inspectors of the Moscow multi-region investigatory management on transport, investigating this cruel crime, have found out that in the end of December, 2009 teenagers were in one of brothels of the city of Voskresenska where drank spirits. They had nothing to be engaged and they obviously missed. But in the same evening they have met early the acquaintance it 38 - summer citizen Uzbekstana Zufara Kalmeteva.

It earned additionally in Voskresenske on temporary jobs. Teenagers began to lift up the foreigner and, having quarrelled with it, began to beat it. They have struck Kalmetevu numerous blows by hands and feet to various parts of a body. Then   for the purpose of imitation railway travmirovanija, teenagers have dragged the victim on tracks in station area Slate also have put it before going train which has moved still the live person.

This cruel crime was made by minor pupils of educational institutions situated near Moscow. Accusations are already brought to all four. Concerning a four accused the preventive punishment in the form of imprisonment is selected. Criminal case investigation proceeds.