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The cars, disturbing to the snow-removing technics, will clean the wrecker?

each motorist for the last winter at least time, but accursed road services that on roadsides of city streets snowdrifts grow.

On the other hand, heads of the road companies which are responsible for cleaning on what light costs, abuse motorists who leave the cars on road. And, as a result, snow from a roadside not to clean.

that can make All within the limits of the law kommunalshchiki - to ask to put the car out of the way. But the owner should be found still. For this purpose, how to be told, all means are good. To business go: base of traffic police, militiamen in the beat and personal staff of the road and municipal enterprises.

It is necessary to note, there, where cherepovchane go on a meeting kommunalshchikam, that is clean cars for the period of cleaning, there snow is not present. But it basically concerns court yard where on entrances it is possible to hang out the announcement, the central streets with such cunning will not clean.

Unfortunately, in the offer of the Cherepovets mayoralty it is told nothing about penalties for hindrance creation kommunalshchikam.
the Photo: Vitaly of SENSES

- We have prepared letters to the chairman of committee of the State Duma by the civil criminal and arbitration right to Paul Krasheninnikov, the vice-president of the Federation Council Yury Vorobevu, the chairman of committee on transport to Sergey Shishkarevu, the chairman of committee concerning local government to Vyacheslav Timchenko with the request to consider possibility of modification of the administrative code of Russia and traffic regulations. - the mayor of Cherepovets Oleg Kuvshinnikov has told to journalists. - these Changes concern to responsibility for creation of obstacles for movement of road technics which cleans roads, including from snow. What is concrete?! The first, we ask to allow to move or evacuate the vehicles, disturbing to cleaning of streets. The second to make changes to traffic regulations that the technics had the right to move only on the right strip.

About penalties for these narushenijai in these letters it is not told words.

By the way

According to the mayor, 60 % of parking spaces on paid parking places in Cherepovets are empty today.

In the meantime 60 % of parking spaces on paid parking places are empty.
a photo: Vitaly of SENSES