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Inhabitants of Factory area of Saratov paid in a management company for heating on 100 roubles of more norm

One week ago inhabitants of houses along the street in Homjakovoj and to the Caucasian journey have received pay-sheets for February in which tariffs for a central heating have appeared above, than before. Receipts have arrived from a management company Strojkomplekt which serves these houses. Instead of established by the decision of the regional government 31 roubles of 63 copecks for 1 square metre from tenants demanded to pay in one case more than 56 roubles, in other - almost 100.

People were indignant and have written the collective application in Office of Public Prosecutor of Factory area with the request to check up financial activity of a management company. To audit it was connected both the ministry of building and housing and communal services of the Saratov region. Controllers have revealed weight of infringements in activity UK: thermal counters showed one, and from tenants demanded to pay absolutely other data. To heads Strojkomplekta officials urgently recommended to spend recalculation.


on March, 12th Saratovvodokanal has informed that its experts in the letter from this management company and polyclinic 4 have disconnected from 10 o`clock till 15 o`clock cold water at set of subscribers of Factory area among which there are schools, kindergartens, station first aid and also set of apartment houses. only 259 structures - it is told in the water canal message. The reason otklbjuchki - carrying out UK Strojkomplekt own works on water water.