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The American senators advance the law on destruction of school persecution

absolutely improbable precedent for world community senators of the USA create. They are going to protect teenagers who due to various reasons are at the school, in the company and even on the Internet derelicts. And clever aunts and uncles want to fix this initiative at legislative level, with all that it implies.

Now if teachers, relatives or close people of the suffered teenager want to help it - can safely bring an action. For the sake of it the special law will be passed. It is necessary to tell that with the initiative about such measures the American public has acted. Those mums and fathers, whose children are exposed to violence and humiliations with the contemporaries. And teenagers have seriously affected senators: they wrote letters where in detail told how them offend, humiliate honour and worthiness, and sometimes simply arrange the whole persecution. All class. Or in a social network, informs The Boston Globe.

Senators roughly discussed this bill. During heated arguments the name lost 15 - summer Fibi Prins, which own " time and again was mentioned; friends have badgered on the Internet, and also 11 - summer Charles Joseph Walker - Huvera whom the class has suspected of nonconventional sexual orientation and is cruel punished for it.

If the bill will be countenanced by the House of Representatives of Massachusetts (and it is a question while only about the regional initiative), it will come into force. And then administrations of educational institutions will be obliged to tell about any case of humiliation, the reviling or prosecution of the American teenager of police under compulsion. And law enforcement bodies, in turn, will consider all statements, and to systematise them on responsibility. Someone will receive disciplinary punishment, and someone can and to ring out in prison. And it someone can be both squabblers - teenagers, and their parents tolerating such things in the family.

it is necessary to regret only that it only the regional initiative of the State of Massachusetts, and that at us similar offers even after a serial School has not appeared