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On Altai from - for blizzards driver KamAza has not noticed patrol of traffic police and has brought down the militiaman to death

In   Friday, on March, 12th, the present bad weather has fallen upon Altay territory. From - for blizzards on roads there was a low visibility, therefore employees of traffic police only and had time to leave on places of the next failures. Here and the traffic police crew in which structure was and 35 - summer militiaman Artem Kachan, has arrived to village Kubanka of Kalmansky area to help got to a misfortune on the Zmeinogorsky path to the driver. Its KamAZ   it is literally has developed half-and-half are in the middle expensive: the trailer has appeared near to a cabin of the driver of the truck.

- From - for it all movement on a line has been paralysed, - have explained to correspondents in a press - service of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs across Altay territory. - and if to consider that there was a blizzard to drive other cars there simply not could.

But here on a strip where there were employees of traffic police, other KamAZ (it met half-way - from Rubtsovsk) has left.

- Why the car has not had time to brake in time, will find out a consequence, - employees continue a press - services of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs across Altay territory. - under the preliminary version, the driver from - for blizzards simply has not seen crew standing on road.

it is Literally in few seconds   the truck has brought down Artema Kachana: from - for the received traumas the militiaman has died on the spot.

- All colleagues of Artema it is simple in shock from the happened. It after all has worked many years in traffic police, - with bitterness militiamen speak. - Artema still had family - the wife and 3 - the summer daughter.

Now inspectors understand causes of accident. If the fault of driver KamAza is proved, to it will bring accusation as regards 3 articles 264 of the criminal code of Russian Federation ( Infringement of traffic regulations and operation of vehicles ) . Then the driver is threatened with rather serious punishment - imprisonment for the term up to five years with right deprivation to operate a vehicle for the term up to three years.