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eks - the president of Latvia it has appeared illiterate

Eks - the president of Latvia Vaira Vick - Frejberga, probably, not too excellent owns a native language as earlier affirmed.

In the book Vajrina kitchen the fact has opened that the former president of the Baltic country and could not learn a native language not to plunge philologists into horror, writes Neatkar both #299; g and #257; R and #299; ta Av and #299; ze.

we Will remind that in 2008 against Vick - Frejbergi and her spouse Ivara Frejbergsa there has been begun criminal trial. Their firm VVF Consulting has given to the Liepajsky thought of consultation in cost of 16 thousand latov (about 32 thousand USD) which even it is with great reserve difficult to name professional.

However, shocks not only the maintenance of the advice, given Vick - Frejbergoj, but also language. In the text grammatical and stylistic errors even in elementary offers are committed.

Philologists who have asked to comment on quality of the text, basically have refrained from comments, having noticed that, most likely, it there was a draught variant, because Vick - Frejberga herself could not write such superficial, silly and wrong text even delirious .

This text runs counter to that image of the philologist, the scientific figure and the specialist in folklore which has created to itself eks - the president, mark jazykovedy.

As on the document there is a name Vick - Frejbergi, blood because publicly she created absolutely other image " boils; - the certain philologist, wished to remain anonymous has declared. It supposes that the document was written not by her, but has not thought at all to take care of the hired editor or the proof-reader, informs an information portal rus. tvnet lv.