Rus News Journal

The inhabitant of Volgograd has hidden the house killed in a cellar and has taken cover nearby

Yesterday in militia with the statement for loss of the brother the inhabitant of village Sebrovo of Mihajlovsky area of the Volgograd region was converted. She has told that   the relative has left the house on March, 8th and was gone.   in   this day Nikolay celebrated a feast together with the acquaintance Alexey who as it happens often, has outgrown in the conflict, and after and in fight. About fight Nikolay, having come back home,   has told   to the sister, and next day has left the house and has not returned. As that has assumed, it could return to the house to the offender and something is possible between them has occurred.

  Then inspectors have decided to examine the house of alleged murderer Alexey. To a scene of crime they have called mother who has opened the house. Inside inspectors have paid attention that in the house the perfect order is induced, the floor has been washed purely up, and from cracks in a floor between boards experts have withdrawn the sample with blood parts.

Soon under an oriental carpet of a verandah militiamen have found out the hatch hammered by nails. They were new that specified that they are hammered recently.

- At hatch opening under it inspectors have found out a basement, and on a floor in a corner the wooden board, under which   lay; in turn was   a well leaving under the base of the house. Having glanced   there, participants of survey have found out a corpse   Nikolay with plural physical injuries. In podpole one of house rooms the criminal who has been detained actually on a scene of crime hid also. The fault he recognised. Criminal case,   is brought; - informs   the head of Mihajlovsky interdistrict investigatory department   SOU SK at Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation across the Volgograd region   Alexander Perepelitsyn.