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The president about our hockey: « In hockey today do not play - in hockey today fight (), and all of you go to play »

he has declared today it at meeting concerning development of domestic ice hockey, passes BelTA.

Alexander Lukashenko has underlined that at today`s meeting it is a question of hockey not because as it is considered to be, it is a favourite sport of the president that is why that for this purpose there are some weighty occasions. The first is a performance on the last Olympic Games in Vancouver. The second - the future World championship on hockey in Germany.

But if we so play, as in Vancouver it is better not to go and be at home there at all. In Solt - Lejk - City we were the fourth, and in Vancouver not that the ninth, not that the twentieth. Worst of all that we have appeared it is not known where - he has noticed.

Besides, according to the president, it is necessary to consider seriously questions of the further functioning of the Minsk hockey club the Dynamo .

If we are and to play next year how played this year in KHL it is better to spend this money for development of hockey in the country, than to travel from Vladivostok to Brest on open spaces of the former USSR - Alexander Lukashenko has told.

the head of the state has noticed that the command ( the Dynamo (Minsk). - Comment BELTA) could play, to what separate matches bear, however played so roughly that it bears to irresponsibility as managements of Federation of hockey, the command, and players.

Alexander Lukashenko is assured that in the conditions of crisis it is inadmissible to state to spend means which are allocated for hockey, for nothing. Therefore henceforth, without effective return it is not necessary to count on the big money.

In hockey today do not play - in hockey today fight, especially on the Olympic Games and the World championships, and all of you go to play - the president has noted, being converted to participants of meeting.

As to salaries of hockey players, that, according to Alexander Lukashenko, God grant to everyone such salary which the hockey player in Belarus has on the average.