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Chess life in Ulyanovsk is in full swing

In SHK Volga have passed competitions of the third stage of superiority of club on blitsu. The basic struggle for the first place was developed between the last year`s winner of tournament Oleg Pisarenko and a double triumpher of these competitions by Yury Portnym. And, as in a good detective, the outcome in struggle for a champion`s title has happened in last tour when main competitors have battled with each other in personal meeting. By the time of internal opposition and Pisarenko, and the Tailor have lost in tournament only on one and a half point. As a result this brilliant indicator was saved to the finish at Yury Portnogo who white figures could defeat Pisarenko. Thus, Yury Portnoj has typed 12,5 points from 14 possible and in the third time became the winner of these competitions. On a silver position Oleg Pisarenko (its total result - 11,5 points), " finished; bronze has got to Anatoly Kolosov who has typed exactly nine test points.

Following the results of the last three stages in dispute for a rank of the champion of chess club Volga with the big separation Oleg Pisarenko, in which active 71,5 points is in the lead. On the second place there is Yury Portnoj (in its active of 46 test points), on the third - Vladimir Kudryashov (37,5 points).

While men - chess players revealed the best at a stage of superiority of chess club Volga women battled with each other in the tournament devoted to International women`s day on March, 8th. Their hot chess fights passed in the Ulyanovsk comprehensive school 72.

As a result, having shown absolute result - five points from five possible - Vera Kashitsina became the winner. The second result - three typed points - has appeared at two shahmatistok - Marias Kurilovich and Marina Merkulovoj. Thanks to victory in an internal meeting higher position was occupied with Kurilovich - to it has got silver . Merkulov became the bronze medallist of tournament.